Mobile App Remarketing - 5 Points to be Considered

6th Sep 2017

Once you have a mobile app for your business, you start doing all the necessary things to acquire new customers and retain the old ones. However, there is one more important thing that you need to do – Remarketing. Remarketing or Retargeting have proven to be the best tools for bringing back users either that visited your app for a particular product or who did not complete a purchase. Mobile app remarketing is a tool that engages the users and convinces them to make at least one in-app purchase.

What is app remarketing?

Have you not noticed your favorite online brands following you wherever you go? As you look for a T-shirt or a Game on Amazon and the moment you open Facebook you will find similar products ads from them. In fact, even when you are reading an article or news you will see different ads on them. Moreover, they look more attractive each time enticing you to buy them. They will keep appearing with better offers and designs until you finally purchase it.

This practice of using attractive ads and offers to chase the customers and compel them to complete the purchase is re-marketing. It is a nice way to strike the human psychology.

How does Remarketing Help Mobile Apps?

Mobile app remarketing is very useful in increasing the user engagement resulting in higher User Lifetime Value (LTV). It is important as it creates awareness about your app among the users. Another benefit of remarketing is that through mobile ad network you can interact with users outside the app without using push notifications.

Most Important Channels for Remarketing

The main channels for mobile app remarketing are Facebook & Google. Their methods may be different but the result for the two is the same, to retain or acquire customer’s attention on your app.

Remarketing is not an easy task. Your remarketing ads need to show the benefits for customers with some attractive slogans, offers, along with the CTA (Call to Action) button. First, you need to struggle with the limited audience and customers you have. Second, your message needs to be delivered in fewer words yet ensuring that the customers will click on the ‘know more’ button.

Using Facebook for Remarketing your Mobile App

Facebook Remarketing

Remarketing through Facebook is very simple. You have to integrate FB SDK in your App; Android, or iOS. Then you need to setup the actions you wish to track & target on the app by the user like; app open, login, sign-up, in-app transactions, etc. Doing this will allow you to retarget those customers depending on their behavior while using your app. Let us say, a customer made a purchase in your app 15 days back, so you can target them with various ads, or offers to grab their attention back. In order for your app ads to flash on FB, you need to register your app on Facebook and make sure the SDK is working fine. Now create your Custom audience based on the actions your users have taken while they were in your app. Once you have selected your audience you can ‘Create Ad’ on Facebook in front of Audience List that you just chose to target.

Enjoy the results knowing that it is the biggest and best social platform you will get amazing results.

Get more info about Facebook Remarketing:

Using Google for Remarketing Your App

Google remarketing ads

Google is another channel available to remarket your products and services. You need to generate the Google Remarketing Code for your App. Add that code to your app, create a remarketing list based on the actions of your user in the app. From the shared library, you can see the Audiences and make your remarketing list that you can give a name depending on your remarketing reasons and save the list. Create your ad finally, choosing your targeted group of audiences, your budget and the targeting parameters. Your ad will be active after a few hours.

Google Adwords can be used for both Android & iOS apps. It is an important platform to consider for remarketing.

Get step by step info about Google Remarketing campaign:

Points to keep in mind while remarketing mobile app

#1. Do not overdo your ads

The frequency of your ads is very important. Over doing ads will annoy your customers and you might end up losing them. Also, keep in mind to remove the users from those ad campaigns they have already been engaged.

#2. Deep Link

Using deep links will always bring your customer to the targeted page or product. It is very important to use deep linking for better results. Sending customers to the web page then the product page will force them to exit; using deep-link will bring them directly to the product page and ensure sales happen.

#3.  Ads to be created for Mobile Phones

While creating ads keep in mind the mobile phone screens. It should be mobile friendly and should look attractive on the phone too. The ad should show its best to attract the users.

#4. Keep in mind User Segment

Keep your ads targeted to your users based on their location, time zone, and such attributes. User segment is important when planning for remarketing the mobile app. Your ad should flash at the right time, in the right place and at the right day to get positive results.

#5. Testing is Important

Always test your ads before and after you shoot them. Track your metrics and choose you think will be best. All features, designs, and pages of the ad should be tested thoroughly in the app. Once you are sure about everything then only send the ads.


Remarketing plays a major role in bringing back old customers and retaining them. Not using the remarketing for mobile apps can be a big mistake from your end. Using it to the best of your ability will show you more advantages than you can think of. You do not need new users daily, but you need users to use your app on regular basis, and remarketing can help you do that.

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