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Why to focus on mobile app engagement instead of only downloads

25th Jul 2016
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In the recent years, more mobile app developers have been thinking more about mobile app engagement instead of simply focusing on the performance metrics or number of downloads. Developers want to focus on how they can enhance the quality of the interactions between users and the mobile apps. They want to see how active their users are, the length of the sessions when users log into mobile apps as well as the mobile app retention rates. It indicates a shift towards quality over quantity when it comes to the mobile eCommerce app experience.

There is recognition that in order to achieve long-term success, they have to focus on those factors that will lead to user loyalty instead of just focusing blindly on the number of users. Users might download and install your app but if there is no mobile app engagement and they are not using the app at all or only occasionally, it is of no use.

Why Engagement is Important.

There are good reasons on why you should focus on the app engagement. For one, the app downloads alone are not sufficient to assure you of long term profits which is what you are looking for when you are investing in building a mobile app. If the app has poor engagement, then the customers are most likely going to use it only once before uninstalling it or letting it lie dormant on the smartphones until one day they realize they are running low on storage space and then uninstall the app.

Are you building App for the Real Customers?

App developers should focus on engagement in order to offer the best experience for the real users of your mobile apps. These are the users who will open and use your app on a regular basis and use them in doing something productively as you intended. They put the app to the right uses for which it was built rather than just test and uninstall the mobile app.

Success in the mobile app engagement is going to lead to long-term profitability. You will be able to build long-term relationships with your customers that you can leverage in the future in order to generate revenues for the business.

Are You Creating Value with your App?

The mobile app engagement metric is determined by how much value the app is creating for the end users. If you are a mobile app developer or entrepreneur, your focus should not necessarily be on the number of downloads but on the quality of the engagement.

What will make a user want to open an app frequently and use it is the quality of the interaction that user enjoys with the app and whether the app content precisely matches the interests of the user. The app should not irritate the user. For example, the app shouldn’t contain too many advertisements, be intrusive, steal personal information and or do some other annoying things that generally irritate users and make them uninstall an app pronto.

When it comes to a Magento or PrestaShop mobile store app, offering customer value is not just about the content and how well it aligns to the interests of the user. The format of the content is also important. Once you have created the value in the app through quality engagement, you must then focus on loyalty. Loyal and dedicated users generally do what the app is intended to achieve and create real value for your business. They will, also, not hesitate to recommend the app to their networks thus helping create a viral and beneficial marketing for your app.

How You Can Know Your App is Delivering on the Engagement

There are various metrics that you can look for in order to determine whether the mobile app, for example, is delivering on the desired customer engagement. These include the following:

  • The number of daily as well as monthly active users
  • The number of mobile app uninstalls
  • The number of loyal or repeat users
  • The length of every session. Which part of the app are users spending the most time on?
  • What items are users interacting with the most?
  • What is the retention rate of the app over a designated time period?
  • How many transactions is the app delivering?


In case you have some short term or long term mobile app goals beyond just increasing the number of the app downloads, then it is time to begin spending time on mobile app engagement and increase the quality of the experience.

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