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Marketers are failing to integrate email and social media effectively

27th Jun 2013
Social Media and Online PR Manager Pure360
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At Pure360 we are constantly emphasising the importance of integrating email and social media, so we recently conducted a survey to see just how well marketers were integrating email and social media. Below is a round up of the results and advice which you can use to effectively combine the two within your marketing strategy.  
Where are your audience?
There are currently over 500 active social networks in existence, so it is important to know which network your target audience are using, and which network is reflective of your brand.
Therefore in our recent study it was surprising to find that 26% of marketers still don’t know which social networks their audience are on. 
Different social networks require different approaches; content should vary along with posting time and frequency. Even social etiquette changes depending on which network you are on. If you are not aware of which network your target audience is on then you may not be tailoring your content correctly, and therefore may be missing out on interacting with the right kind of people for your business
Out of those who do know, 41% said that their audience were mainly on Facebook, 28% Twitter, which was closely followed by 27% on LinkedIn.
YouTube and Pinterest were less popular, as only 2% of marketers believed their target audience frequented these sites.
When broken down into B2B and B2C, there were some large differences. B2B companies found that almost half (48%) of their audience were found on LinkedIn, 31% on Twitter and only 21% on Facebook.
B2C companies on the other hand had a far higher success with Facebook, with 75% of their audience being found on there, only 14% being found on Twitter and 7% on LinkedIn. B2C companies also found that 2% of their audience were found on YouTube, and 2% on Pinterest; sites which appear to be far less popular in B2B. 
Connect with your recipients
Connecting with audiences via social media is a great way to start social media and email integration; your recipients may be more active on social media than they are in their inbox, so increase the chances of them receiving your news and updates as much as possible.
A far more promising statistic from our study is that 80% of marketers are now including social connect buttons within their emails in an effort to widen their social network and keep their email recipients updated via another medium.

However, due to the high amount of senders including social connect buttons, it is important to stand out in the inbox. Consider branding your social connect buttons, or making a feature out of them such as St Christopher’s Inns do. 


Share your content!
While the inclusion of social connect buttons are high within emails, the same cannot be said for social share buttons. A massive 65% of marketers don’t encourage social sharing of their emails and are therefore missing out on distributing it as effectively as possible. 
Getting recipients to share your emails can be more useful than getting them to connect with you via social media, as they are extending the reach of your content to a wider audience which they may not have had access to. So consider being part of the 35% and inviting your recipients to share your content and newsletters. 


Remember to report
It’s great to have something to show for hard work, isn’t it? However surprisingly 59% of marketers don’t actually track email and social media integration – meaning they cannot report on their efforts and the results they have gained from it. 
Neither email or social media is a one size fits all marketing strategy, so while it is important to show off your results, it is even more important to be aware of when your email and social media integration isn’t working, and address the issues that you are encountering.
Start by looking at where your newsletter signs up are actually coming from, this can easily be done via Google Analytics. We found that Facebook and Twitter were the highest converters for newsletter sign ups, with Facebook generating 46% of social media sign ups, and Twitter generating 26% for marketers.
There is a stark difference once again between B2B and B2C, with 40% of B2b marketers receiving most email sign ups from LinkedIn, and 63% of B2C marketers receiving most email sign ups from Facebook.
Social media is increasingly impacting our everyday lives and businesses around us, so do not ignore it. Instead try experimenting with different ways to integrate the two; you may be surprised by the results! 
For more information on how to integrate email and social media, head over to our Guide or ourWebinar.
Alternatively, for more statistics from our recent study, head over to our infographic ‘Email & Social Media – how integrated are they?’

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