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10 Ways To Better Your Customer's Experience

16th Sep 2015
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There are many different types of companies out there from women’s fashion retailers to suppliers of medical equipment like Brosch Direct. Each and every organisation is different in some way, but while they all have their different aims, budgets and targets, most businesses also have one thing in common – keeping customers happy. Satisfying the general public is not always as easy as it might seem, so here are 10 ways you can better the experience of your customers.

1. Identify your customers

In order to improve the way you speak to people as a business, you must first identify who your core customers are. Client details such as age, geographical location, marital status, hobbies and interests will not only give you a better insight into who’s interested in what you do, but it’ll allow you to tailor your marketing and advertising campaigns appropriately.

2. Ask your customers questions

One of the best ways to find out what you’re already doing right and what could be improved is to ask your customers questions. A survey on your website should do the trick or you could send out a questionnaire via direct mail or email.

3. Embrace feedback

If you’re passionate about what you do it can be easy to reject any negative feedback, but listening to other people’s opinions might actually improve your business. View all comments as constructive criticism (even if they are a little on the rude or blunt side) and strive to make things better.

4. Make sure all staff are trained

You might have the best business model in the world, but if your staff members are poorly trained it could be hard to retain customers. There’s nothing like a rude call centre manager with an attitude problem to make one put the phone down, so make sure your training programs are up to scratch.

5. Have good manners

When it comes to business, manners are extremely important. Not only will a please or thank you make a customer feel comfortable, but being polite will also let them know you value their custom – after all, they could have gone elsewhere.

6. Reward loyalty

Another way to show your customers how much you appreciate their business is to set up some kind of loyalty scheme – buy nine get the tenth one free, that sort of thing. You could even send discounts to regular customers, give out birthday freebies or issue loyalty cards that help people save money over time.

7. Have an online presence

E-commerce is huge these days, so if you don’t have an online presence already it’s well worth setting up a website. This will make it much easier for people to read about you and with the right marketing campaigns should improve brand awareness significantly.

8. Optimise your site

Once you have a website, make sure it’s well optimised so that customers can find you easily by typing in a few keywords.  Improving your site’s SEO is one of the best ways to bump up Google organically meaning you won’t have to shell out lots of money for expensive Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

9. Improve the usability of your site

When it comes to the Internet, people are pretty impatient and aren’t prepared to wait long periods just to view an image or make a purchase. With this in mind, take steps to improve the usability of your site making sure all booking engines work efficiently and there are no glitches in the payment process.

10. Make your contact details accessible

If you’ve ever wanted to contact a company but couldn’t find their email or telephone number, you’ll know how frustrating this can be. Time is of the essence, so make your contact details big, bold and clear or have a separate ‘contact us’ tab which will offer up all details.


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By AliceDylan24
22nd Sep 2015 13:59

I particularly liked the first point  that talks about identification of customers. In my opinion, when it comes to identifying your key customers, there is no better platform that CRM to help you do so. Think of it – with all your customer details neatly stored and indexed there, it takes a few minutes for any sales, marketing or customer service agent to view the customer details and history of transactions (if any) and accordingly cater to their present needs. This is precisely why, you have so many experts strongly advocating the use of CRM. It definitely helps in knowing customers better and  delivering a great customer experience.
Here is a relevant article that I came across which precisely talks about how CRM helps businesses in knowing their customers better. Hope it helps -

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By emma_wood
29th Sep 2015 12:50

Something very important is to keep users from getting lost! Users risk losing the context of what they are seeing if web pages change instantaneously. Animation can be used to make transitions more obvious, so it’s clear what happened between where the user started and ended up.  


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By Leila Downey
07th Oct 2015 15:27

Thank you for the tips Ben. I am looking forward to some more. WIll bookmark these. 

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