The cost of in-house vs outsourced contact centres

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The Cost of In-House vs Outsourced Contact Centers: An Infographic

Maybe you’re a math person and love nothing more than a hefty Excel document to dig into for a few hours. Or maybe math isn’t your strong suit and you’re just looking for hard numbers to tell you what you need to know. Either way, we’ve put together this handy infographic to help you compare the cost of in-house vs outsourced contact centers.

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 An Infographic


Calculating the Cost of Outsourcing

This is simply a high-level overview of how to calculate in-house vs outsourced contact center costs. It’s also important to understand that the right outsourced partner should be able to drive efficiency while enhancing or improving your customer experience so you get more for less. That’s why outsourcing is often the smarter, more affordable option for your customer care program.

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