2021: 5 things call centre leaders must consider

25th Nov 2020

Contact centres have undergone considerable change over the past few months. They’ve faced extraordinary challenges – many never faced before – but have adapted, persevered, and innovated with impressive speed.

With coronavirus restrictions still limiting travel and social gatherings across the UK, organisations are asking how they can continue supporting their customers while protecting and motivating their teams and maintaining productivity.

It is now more important than ever for contact centres to take the lessons learned during the early stages of the pandemic and use them to build stronger pathways forward, embracing their newfound status and agility to achieve success in the future.

Here at the CCMA we are doing ongoing research into the Evolution of the Contact Centre. The first wave took place over the Summer of 2020 and lifted the lid on how contact centres were responding to the pandemic and uncovered a number of important trends that will influence the future of the industry.

This second wave conducted during the Autumn of 2020 reveals an industry that is working hard to protect and safeguard customers and colleagues during a tumultuous period in history. At the same time, contact centres are paving the foundations for longer-term success and growing in importance and stature.

This research surfaces important questions that all contact centres should be asking as attention turns to the new year and beyond:

  1. How can you protect your team and provide them with the certainty, consistency and control they need to stay motivated during the remainder of the pandemic period?
  2. How will you balance the needs of the individual and the organisation when planning resources and flexible working arrangements?
  3. How do you anchor remote working colleagues around the values and purpose of an organisation?
  4. Are you offering upskilling and progression pathways to mitigate attrition and facilitate mobility to and from other parts of the organisation?
  5. Are you effectively capturing customer insight in your contact centres, and enabling other departments to act on this intelligence?

Working with Puzzel, we will conduct a third wave in the Spring of 2021. 

We’d like to thank our members that participated in this second wave of research, including Halfords, Fiserv, Vivid Homes, Bupa, Ascensos, Estee Lauder Companies, LEGO®, GFM, Gousto and Atom Bank.

You can download this latest report, plus part 1, from the CCMA website.

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