Past UK National Contact Centre Awards winners

20th Feb 2018

We went back to some of last year’s winners and asked them what winning meant to them.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not to enter, here’s another quick reminder of why the effort can be more than worth it.

Catherine Lindsay, Hermes - Customer Experience Champion

How was your experience of the judging process?

I thought that the judging process was a great experience. It was a great opportunity to showcase the hard work we have done at Hermes in Customer Service and the benefits that this has brought. I have entered for 3 years now and the judges are always approachable, make you feel comfortable and help you realise all of the achievements that you have made!

How did it feel when your name was announced at the awards dinner?

Amazing, after being the runner up for 2 years in a row it was great to win a gold award! It was a long walk from the back of the room to the stage but I was walking on air and couldn’t believe that I had won!

What do you think have been the main benefits of entering the awards?

It has been a great experience talking to the judges from the industry about our learnings internally. It has been good for internal recognition of what a great job our customer service team do, and how hard we work.

The event itself is always a good night which gives you the opportunity to celebrate with your team and also network with other people from the industry.

What advice would you give people who are thinking of entering the awards?

I would enter – it is a great judging process, a great evening and fantastic if you win!! It has been a great confidence boost and the whole team were proud of the award.

David Linbourne, Directline Group - Complaints Manager of the Year

How was your experience of the judging process?

The judging experience was a real pleasure to showcase what I do within my company. I was nervous but the judging panel made me feel at ease and it was a really good quality two way conversation. This was my first time being nominated so I didn’t know what to expect but the judging was not rushed in any way and I really felt that the judges left with a good understand of what a day/week/month in the life of my role was.

How did it feel when your name was announced at the awards dinner?

Everyone will say this, but I had no expectation that I would win. When you are judged, you are just yourself and are proud you have been recognised within your company. Then when my name was read out, I was gobsmacked. I had never been to an event like this before and I felt so proud. It’s easy to think you are just doing your job but being recognised at this level really gives you the affirmation that you are doing well.

What do you think have been the main benefits of entering the awards?

I think to be able to go back to my role and have my company recognise this achievement was better than any feeling I have had before. Also, it has really boosted my own self confidence. I have now adapted my development to influence on an even larger scale within my company. It has made me look at different career options I could take going forward, should I wish to.

What advice would you give people who are thinking of entering the awards?

Just do it. If you don’t nominate, you can’t win!

With regards to the judging process – I think with these scenarios people may feel they have to change their behavior and be extra professional but the key, I think, is to just being you. To even reach the shortlist stage shows you have been recognised for what you do on a day to day basis and that you are doing well. Be honest and say what went well and what hasn’t gone well at times. This shows you are a well-rounded individual but also shows how you can adapt to a challenge. I think this approach really helped me. The judges are clearly very experienced and I believe that they appreciated my honest approach – keeping it real.

Finally, enjoy it – it’s not every day you get to showcase yourself!

Mark Cassidy, Virgin Media - Quality Manager of the Year

How was your experience of the judging process?

As this was my first time being involved in anything like this, it was both exciting and intriguing. There was an element of not knowing what to expect, however the communication from the judging panel made the experience really positive.

The best part for me was the on the site judging visit – the judges set the tone for the interviews by being really supportive, informal and engaging. I loved having the opportunity to chat over what we do within Virgin Media to judges that clearly had a good understanding of the role.

The judges spent time with some of my team and even they came back saying how much they enjoyed the interview. For the judges to be able to complete this kind of process while having such a positive impact on people is a real skill.

How did it feel when your name was announced at the awards dinner?

Shock, stunned, completely speechless (and that doesn’t happen to me that often). That whole 20-30 seconds was a complete blur, and I have no idea how I even made it up on to the stage. The exhilaration and burst of excitement when they said my name is something I won’t ever forget. When you think of being in those types of situations you always think you will be all ‘play it cool’ – but that goes right out the window when it actually happens. Absolutely amazing feeling!

What do you think have been the main benefits of entering the awards?

There are a number of benefits. Personally it gave me a brilliant opportunity to reflect on what it is I actually do, how I do it and what makes it unique. It also gave an opportunity to my team to have an external view – to realise just how great they perform not just within the company but across the UK.

Going through the judging process also allows you to share experiences and successes with someone not linked to your day to day role. Completing the nomination and going through the judges interviews were brilliant for bringing to life some of the amazing things we do.

Another obvious benefit is that the recognition and reward for just doing your job is immense. It really gave me a renewed drive and confidence in my day to day role.

I have also managed to increase my network of contacts and have since been invited to be involved in other conference events due to the fact I secured the award – amazing opportunities.

Lastly, it is important to have opportunities and be part of the wider industry we work in. This process allowed me to be more aware of the vast array of contact centre roles and sectors, and I was able to appreciate some of the real stars of the contact centre world.

David Clark , Sky UK - Most Positive Impact on the Community

How was your experience of the judging process?

Very good, it was good to be able to present to the panel and handle their questions, they were very engaging and complimentary.

How did it feel when your Team was announced at the awards dinner?

Unbelievable, we were very proud and honored to be chosen.

What do you think have been the main benefits of entering the awards?

It is good to benchmark what we do against the industry, it was great recognition and helps with engagement within the business.

What advice would you give other teams who are thinking of entering the awards?

Without a doubt enter, it’s good completing the application process as it refocuses you on what you have done which is sometimes easy to forget, and if you win it’s even better to be acknowledged as the best in the country in our industry.


For additional information on the UK National Contact Centre Awards or to enter go to

Nominations close on Friday 23rd February.

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