How to delight your customers this holiday season

12th Nov 2019
Customers delighted at festive store front
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year and what better way to spread some Christmas joy than by sharing it with your customer base?

It’s an incredibly busy time for retailers and you need to make sure you have your stock management, website, marketing and logistics strategies nailed down to guarantee your success. But, you also need to factor in the ways you can delight your customers and engage with them - the personal touch during such a busy time will really set you apart from your competitors and leave long-lasting customers with you well into the new year and beyond. 

There are loads of ways you can get creative this holiday season and incorporate marketing ideas along with your operational strategies to really please your customer base. There’s so much competition amongst retailers today and you need to go the extra mile to stand out amongst them and cut through the noise of the bustling Christmas period. 

So, what can you do to make a big impact? 


Seasonal packaging

One of the best parts of receiving a delivery is the unboxing; adding seasonal designs to yours can give you an extra boost in marketing. Create a campaign for User Generated Content that you can share on your social media channels to create brand awareness and attract new customers. Instagrammable packaging is being used by businesses to really build their social presence across industries and people love to engage with brands in this way. 


Reward loyalty 

If you already have a loyalty or membership scheme in place, make sure you reward your loyal customers this time of year with exclusive vouchers or offers they can redeem online and instore with you. A little offer goes a long way with shoppers, and if they’re already a member this increases the chances of them buying with you again even more so. 


Think in-store experiences 

What does your store look like this time of year? There’s been a real resurgence in-store design in recent years, and people love nothing better than to shop in a beautiful setting. Join in the festive season with on-brand decorations, run instore offers that align to the festivities or even think of hosting a Christmas-themed event. 


Get your website ready 

Work with your technical team to ensure that your infrastructure can support the extra holiday traffic. Keep your content up to date and seasonal too: buying guides are extremely popular this time of year. 

Consider adding filters to your product pages too; gifts for him/her, gifts to suit certain budgets and hobbies. If you make it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking for, you’ll no doubt delight your customers while driving sales. 



Avoid batch-style email campaigns and focus on a more personalised approach to match your customer. People will really appreciate this, especially during the busiest time of year - it’ll help cut through the noise of Christmas marketing and help you stand out amongst your competitors. 


Happy staff, happy customers 

Keep employee morale high over the festive season. Working in retail during the holidays is no mean feat, so let your workers know how appreciated their efforts are and reward them for their hard work. You’ll definitely see the benefits of doing this as happy employees are more likely to provide excellent customer service. 

Offer a sneak peek 

Generate interest for your new, upcoming product line while making customers feel valued. You can invite loyal customers or registered members to have a sneak peek of new products set for release in the new year. Everyone loves an exclusive and it will make your customers feel extra special! 

Many retailers will be looking to maximise on their sales this Christmas, and nothing else. That’s fine, but by adding an extra touch for giving customers memorable experiences and delighting them in personable ways, you’re bound to reap the rewards over the holiday season and well into the upcoming year. Customers are the most important part of any retail business, so it’s key you aim to offer them the best experiences possible this holiday season. 

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