Leading CRM brands duel in battle of the bands

28th Dec 2020

Bring Your Own Band 2020!

In any normal year, a battle of the bands involving the world's leading CRM and CX tech providers might seem an unlikely event.

But this is 2020, a 12-month period that has, let's face it, been jam-packed full of unexpected surprises. So it stands to reason that this year is host to the inaugural Bring Your Own Band (BYOB) event. 

From the ingenius minds of tech stalwarts Paul Greenberg and Brent Leary (aka the CRM Playaz), the BYOB event has been pulled together as an attempt to have a little fun and stoke some competition among CRM and tech leaders during what has been a year of chaos and uncertainty. 

Ten bands have been formed for the event, incorporating staff from tech behemoths such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Zoho and more.  

The public can vote for winners in three different categories - Best Band, Best Song and Best Video. Voting closes on 31st December, with a team of industry experts (including MyCustomer's very own Chris Ward and Neil Davey) having also weighed-in with their thoughts and votes, in an X-Factor style judging scenario.   

And don't be fooled - if you're expecting some glorified karaoke played out to a backing track and a Windows MovieMaker video edit, you're grossly mistaken. The below videos represent  a taste of the effort and imagination that's been put into the process by every b(r)and involved. What a way to celebrate the creativity and skill of those working in the CRM and CX tech industry! Check out all 30 songs and be sure to vote. 



Jane Blonde & the Goldfingers (Elements.cloud)

The Epi Encores (Episerver)

Nudge (NexJ Systems)

CX Pistols (Oracle)

The Layer Cakes (Pegasystems)

Crocobird (Pipedrive)

PROS: (The Profit)

The Vlociters (Salesforce)

The SAPremes (SAP)

Rendu Mani Dosa (Zoho)



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