The MyCustomer audience has spoken!  

17th Jan 2020

In December 2019, the MyCustomer team put out a call to our audience to undertake a readership survey.

Since our inception as an online publication in the early 2000s, we’ve remained committed to our ethos of providing useful, relevant and engaging content for people in customer-facing professions.

But to riff on a well-worn marketing term, is our coverage hitting the mark with the right people, at the right time, through the right mediums?     

Here are some of the key findings from our survey.  

Early birds and night owls

We received 136 responses to this year’s readership survey, with an overwhelming number of you declaring your role as aligning with the discipline of ‘customer experience’ (47%).

23% of you aligned with customer service or contact centre roles, whilst 16% proclaim to be in marketing positions.

The morning is when the majority of you consume MyCustomer content. 23% of you read MyCustomer in your own time, during evenings and weekends, which is almost certainly indicative of how all-consuming your jobs are during the 9 to 5!

When do you visit MyCustomer?

Our written content remains king

MyCustomer has always been a home for in-depth, written news, opinion and practical advice, and this is reflected in the type of content most consumed on our site.


We asked you what kind of content you’d like to see more of – strategic advice was the clear frontrunner (63% of you selecting this), followed closely by industry trends (55%), brand case studies (45%) and industry reports/ whitepapers (29%).

77% of you rated our content as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’, whilst thankfully no one rated us ‘poor’ (although if anyone had, we probably wouldn’t reveal it!).

Away from written content, workshops and webinars are deemed most favourable (87% of respondents) – both of which we’ll be focusing on providing more of in 2020.     

Customer experience is your main focus of interest

Unsurprisingly, given that 47% of you work in customer experience job roles, various different customer experience topics appeal to you most.    

What topics do you consume most on MyCustomer?

We also asked you to tell us what your biggest challenges were – CX strategy (54%), cultural changes and alignment (44%), and changing customer expectations (36%) came out top.

Technology is undoubtedly a challenge for our audience – both procuring and using. We asked respondents to tell us what products and services they would be specifying for their job roles in 2020, with customer journey analytics (39%), surveying tools (34%) and chatbots/ virtual assistants (32%) coming out tops.   

How are we using these insights? 

In the coming 12 months MyCustomer will be tweaking our content programme, based on your wants and needs. How will we do this? With the following: 

  • More practical CX advice: This means drilling down into the minuatae of being a customer experience professional, bringing you a programme of content under the banner of 'Elevating the CX profession', which will include webinars, podcasts, guides and articles looking at the different facets required to be a CX leader. We're also set to launch the 2nd annual CX Leader of the Year award in May. 
  • Ramping up our research programme: With research the third most popular content type on MyCustomer (eclipsed only by articles and blogs), we're going to deliver more MyCustomer research reports in 2020, including a key benchmarking research report in March on the anatomy of CX leadership. 
  • More webinars, greater focus: Our programme of webinars for 2020 will be individually tailored to feature more task-orientated content, in a bid to help overcome some of the individual challenges you're all facing in your roles. 
  • Expert tech tips: MyCustomer has always tried to focus on providing practical advice around technology implementation, and in 2020 we'll be expanding our buyer's advice series to incorporate the new technologies (such as journey analytics) you're looking to procure. We'll also be launching a comprehensive tech directory to you in the first quarter of the year, and will be hosting product demo webinars to try and help audience members with specific tech requirements.   

If you missed the opportunity to complete our readership survey but have ideas about how MyCustomer can improve to meet your needs as an audience member, email the editorial team at: [email protected]





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