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What we learned from the CX world games

5th Aug 2020
Managing Director UK Clientship
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Why the closing of the Customer Experience World Games was just the start

Early in March it became clear that the foreseeable future looked very different from the past. Customer Experience and those who are in the industry would be impacted just as must. We reached out to a few to see if they would be interested. There was interest, so we created a format to enable those in the sector to connect, trade skills, have fun and make a difference during lockdown. We called it the Customer Experience World Games.

Over the course of 10 weeks, 175 players registered to volunteer time and skills to help others. We ran five challenges to help a charity, a social causes, a community service, and independent retailer and an events company. All who had a customer experience problem caused by Covid-19.

A panel of expert judges reviewed each round of entries and awarded one of 6 teams first and runners up prizes.


The final challenge was for b2bRoar Media who run the CX/UX Expo which was originally scheduled for March but is now to be hosted at the Excel in November 2020. The Ambassadors came up trumps and won their second top prize. The only team to achieve this across the games.

The games came to a close mid July 2020. The players, captains, judges and organisers Limetropy came together to thank the community for their commitment to the cause. And to recognise overall winners.

The CX Punks triumphed as overall Champions of the Customer Experience World Games collecting one gold and four runners-up emblems on the way.

CX Punks captain, Adrian Swinscoe said of the games, “It’s an incredible honour for the CX Punks to be crowned champions of the inaugural CX World Games. To have achieved 5 podium places, 2 second place finishes, 1 challenge win and then to crowned overall winners is a wonderful thing and testament to the hard work that the team put in. All of the glory goes to them.

"Moreover, to be able to have participated in finding solutions to help a number of different organisations over this period has been a real joy and big thanks go to the organisers at Limetropy for putting all of this together. Finally, I would like to thank all of the participants and other captains for their participation and success too. It’s been a truly wonderful experience.”


And that should have been that. But such was the outpouring of support for the games that we have decided to keep them going:

  1. Additional two challenges launched;
    1. Olenka’s challenge (to help a small girl with Canavan disease create a new engaging fundraising embracing the power of advocacy from fundraiser participants),
    2. A group of academics have reviewed almost 200 articles and concluded CX must move on. They have proposed a theoretical framework but are looking for this to be converted into something a business can recognise and adapt,
  2. Hall of Recognition created to acknowledge the exceptional effort put in by captains, players and judges to make the games what they were,
  3. A Legacy Library has been created to house all the teams entries. With 30 so far it is an enviable resource library available to anyone who participates in the games,
  4. With a number of players displaced from their CX roles, we will be setting up a job board to share CX positions amongst players,
  5. We will be developing a skills exchange format to provide a platform to skill share across the globe,
  6. One of the teams has taken all the ideas from one challenge (Cat Café Challenge) and produced a ‘playbook’ of ideas, tools and advice to help independent pet café owners with a way through lockdown,
  7. The CXWG has been invited to the 3ECX conference in Dubai in October to run as a breakout format to run challenges to help local causes, 
  8. In October, Covid-19 restrictions permitting, the CXWG will appear at the CX/UX Expo as a live interactive format,  
  9. And in 2021, the Customer Experience World Games will be hitting the road, with five events planned across the globe.

What started off as an idea to keep the CX Community active has grown to be a great new format to help those in CX give back to those in need.

Long may it continue. Here’s to the dreamers with ideas. Connect with others, to make them come true.

Christopher Brooks, CEO Clientship & Limetropy and Founder of the Customer Experience World Games.


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