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Why we're launching a CX World Games

29th Apr 2020
Managing Director UK Clientship
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This week, the first ever Customer Experience World Games is set to launch. But there wont be stadiums to compete in or medals placed around the winners' necks. These games are to be played out virtually and are for the benefit of others.

Starting on 1st May 2020, customer experience professionals and practitioners from all over the world are joining together, remotely, to contribute their experience ideas to help others during the coronavirus lockdown.

Many organisations are suffering during the crisis, with their customers and employees impacted. The games is aimed at getting the CX community working together and providing collaborative ways they can help companies through the pandemic. With a little friendly competition thrown in to keep things interesting!

CX world games

The idea behind the games

Just like so many people in the business world, I wanted to make a difference during the coronavirus, whilst also trying to provide some assistance to those in our industry. I had spoken to a number of the CX community who were in a similar position, and knowing others felt the same way, I wanted to help.

I knew it needed to be different to grab the attention and gain interest. I needed an experience that would be fun, engaging and add real value. I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time. That’s when the idea of the games came to me. I sounded out the idea with colleagues, Limetropy came on board with the technology so we could make it happen and that was it - we went live.

Just a couple of weeks later and players are signing up from all over the globe. Europe, North America, Asia, Africa, South America and Asia-Pacific are all represented, with some of the industries biggest names lending their support.

The games will be played over the next few weeks, set by organisations invited to submit a CX challenge to the teams. Each has the desire to make things better for their stakeholders during the pandemic.

They will present the same challenge to each of the teams who will be creating experience improvements for their customers, employees, communities and society at large better during the Covid19 crisis.

A star-studded CX cast in support

Teams will be provided with a games App called I-Together, itself a repurposed employee engagement too, courtesy of games sponsor Limetropy. Challenges from organisations will be pushed to the App and the teams, guided by a captain, who will collaborate to arrive at a customer experience solution.

James Dodkins, the CX Rockstar and Adrian Swinscoe the CX Punk both agreed to be captains. They will take responsibility for submitting the teams' final entry which will be judged by an esteemed panel of judges including Professor Dr Phil Klaus from the International University of Monaco, Chris Ward, editor MyCustomer and Manuella Pifani, CXellence and former head of customer experience at Direct Line Group and Kingfisher Group.

All entries are then handed over to the organisations that posed them to review and adopt to hopefully help them move forward!

For more details and to join in the fun, follow this link: Customer Experience World Games 

Here's to a successful inaugural Customer Experience World Games!


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