BYOD and CRM a Match Made in Cloud Heaven?

20th Feb 2013

 It’s now 2013; we’ve spent the last year hearing that businesses are more mobile and that employees are interested in using devices that they are familiar with. We’ve heard that BYOD friendly work places increase productivity and make employees happy without businesses really having to lift a finger. Now in 2013 we need to put actionable IT solutions in place that prevent data loss or data redundancy and secure the devices being used.

BYOD plans and the wide spread use of iPhones, Blackberries, Android smartphones and tablets has been beneficial for employees that spend a lot of time on the go, as time spent travelling to client meetings can be used productively updating client information and answering emails. Using mobile devices remotely helps to minimise down time. However If duplicate data or anomalies in client information is created this might be more detrimental to the company. 

>Many software as a service (SaaS) CRM packages are now offering cloud solutions that make it possible for companies to offer BYOD policies without compromising on security and business practices. SaaS CRM software that offers cloud capabilities make it possible for mobile employees to simultaneously upload and update information to the company cloud server without creating anomalies or duplicate data and preventing loss of data due to theft.

It is particularly prudent for companies operating in niche fields to choose tailored CRM solutions rather than a one size fit all model. CRM for wealth management provides the right tools for hedge fund managers that a basic CRM software solution may not. Hedge fund managers, who often spend lots of time meeting clients and potential investors face to face, need access to one system that they can access on the go that systematically syncs with the database prevents data loss and redundancy. CRM for wealth management supplies the security needed for hedge fund managers who are often mobile and allows them to download relevant, up to date financial reports for investors.

CRM software solutions that are tailored to a business needs such as CRM for wealth managers, allow up to date reports to be update, easy access to investor data.

To prevent anomalies or duplicate data or the loss of data businesses need to implement robust IT protection plans and infrastructure to support the network of mobile employees. Whilst each company should have their own data protection plan tailored to their company needs they should include;

 • The requirement that all devices should be password protected.

• All mobile devices, including employee owned devices, to be equipped with applications that have the ability to erase sensitive data if the device is lost or stolen.

• All company data should be regularly updated to the company server. 

 Last year was also a year of natural disasters flooding across the UK, hurricanes in the US and the Caribbean not to mention the occasional snow shutting down businesses. For businesses that had a continuity plan in place and gave employees wireless access to the company database they were able to continue with very little disruptions. Businesses however, that are still functioning on archaic systems would have suffered loss of productivity and profits as a result of natural disasters and disruptions. As such more businesses need to look towards flexible working solutions and robust IT solutions to prevent losing working hours, productivity and profit.

BYOD policies and cloud CRM software solutions offer flexible and scalable solutions for business that are interested in keeping up with an increasing mobile workforce.  Hedge fund managers looking to implement a CRM solution should look towards hedge fund sales software and CRM for wealth managers.


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