Investor Relationship Management provides CRM solutions for Hedge Funds

1st Jun 2012

 In the wake of the recession we’ve seen repercussions for those working in today’s stock market. Clients are increasingly cautious of how their money is invested and as a result hedge fund investment managers need to be more transparent in their undertakings to create a level of trust with these clients.

To create this trust and transparency a robust CRM solution should be at the forefront of any and all hedge fund investment firm’s strategy. There are plenty of CRM software solutions on the market but a flexible investment relationship management that is tailored specifically to the hedge fund industry provides more targeted and valuable insights. By exchanging this information within the company more informed financial decisions can be made and help to create more client investment opportunities.

 Process, Analyze, Distribute

What good is all that valuable customer data if you treat your CRM as glorified email software? CRM enables asset managers to predict trends and inform investment decisions.

By being able to analyze current financial data and client data asset managers can provide better investment opportunities for clients that suit their needs and help to return profits.

A robust hedge fund CRM solution also allows asset managers to access and download current and reliable reports and distribute to clients from anywhere on demand. This is an invaluable feature for any hedge fund investment firm where providing accurate and current data not only strengthens trust and accountability but is a legal requirement.

CRM allow asset managers to easily communicate and share customer information on demand creating better transparency and accountability with clients.

By helping distribute data CRM software helps to convey the risk involved, making asset managers more accountable for the risks they take.

Grow, Grow and more Growing

An integrated software solution that provides mass emailing, marketing and customer data increases productivity, innovation and growth.

Strong performing funds attract more investors, CRM software helps asset managers to cope with the increasing customer data. By retaining data in a centralized platform asset managers can share this data within the company to better respond and communicate with clients helping to maintain strong customer relationships.

Having a centralized database also helps to ensure client information is up to date. If a client deals with more than one asset manager, or an asset manager is away important client information may be lost. CRM software helps to ensure this information is not lost and can be accessed by the relevant employees. This instils confidence in the investment firm as clients can also get the information needed without having to go through several people.

By choosing hedge fund CRM over a more generic CRM system asset managers are able to access features that help to improve transparency and business practices.



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