Steps To Ensure Smooth Cloud CRM Deployment

6th Jul 2012

Getting CRM software right is a really important thing in making it a success and achieving ROI as soon as possible, but it can be a hard thing to get right first time, so here are some tips on how to make sure your CRM implementation goes off without a hitch.


Make sure the system works with your company.

An obvious one, but also easy to get wrong. The way it goes wrong is when management pick a tool that works well for their needs and ignore people lower down in the company. There are a huge number of ways around this though; with robust systems, different levels of user could have different interfaces more suited to what they will be doing with the software.


Get your staff involved as soon as possible

After all they will be the ones using the software, the sooner they are involved in the process and on board with the potentially huge changes that are going to take place in the company, the more likely they will be to accept those changes and help make the CRM system worthwhile. You could also find that your employees may know


Consider incremental releases

CRM isn't something that happens overnight, you need to get everybody in your company trained and as far as possible, wanting to use the software. It's no secret that a lot of people tend to shy away from change, which can be especially easy to see with changes in a company such as a CRM system, by implementing a system gradually, training staff in its use at each step can help avoid having a huge amount to learn in a very short space of time. Another thing that can help this is having an intuitive system, such as Microsoft dynamics, which will be very familiar to anybody who has experience using a PC, which is just about everybody now.


Make sure your CRM software covers everything your company needs

It's all too easy to get CRM software as a glorified address book, but CRM now can offer a far more complete solution, including things like document management and integrating with other pieces of software you already use such as the telecoms system. While something like that might sound particularly important, when in sales saving time on every call you make can really add up.


So just to recap, when buying CRM, make sure it does everything the company needs it to do, make sure it suits the end users, not just the management, and try to gradually get your staff involved with the software before it is even released into the company to help smooth over the transition and you should do well!


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