Three Reasons to Select a Cloud Based ERP System

19th Sep 2012

Businesses have increasingly been switching to cloud technology to carry out various business practices thus enabling information to be reviewed from any location across the business. ERP software is up there with the best of the cloud based systems when implemented successfully and can really help clarify and optimise implementation of the desired manufacturing methodology across the supply chain. 

The top benefits of installing an ERP software system include:

 Early Identification of Emerging Consumer Behaviour & Better Prediction of Market Trends

 The best warehouse management software systems enable global operations data to be viewed accurately and quickly across the business through a shared cloud based platform. The complete picture of operations gained through the software enables swift profitable decisions to be made though selective targeting within areas of the supply chain. In times of crisis this insight can really pay off. The latest software systems provide a clear picture when forecasting and highlight areas for attention within scheduling capabilities, especially when targeting emerging market trends. Planning for longer lead times, managing complex transport networks, stocks across multiple countries, local regulations and taxes and managing volatile markets becomes a whole lot easier with good ERP software.

 Leaner Stock Requirements, Smarter Buying Decisions & Better Negotiation of Supplier Terms 

 By removing the blind spots and eradicating wasted steps within the supply chain, a good ERP technology will enable smooth running of warehouse management systems, a reduction in the number of mistakes, improved traceability from start-to-finish, order management and process streamlining. Functionality is focused around enhancing customer satisfaction with faster turnaround times and precise order fulfilment. Leaner stock levels are enabled through accurate use of an ERP system which ensures that cash flow isn't caught up unnecessarily in mistakenly ordered stocks, thus creating a better bottom line.
Improved Customer Relationships
The best thing for the business that can be achieved through the successful implementation of an ERP system is the value that it adds to the business for the end consumer. Indeed, the ability to swiftly know exactly where the items that they require are, and when they'll be delivered is gold for any business. Within a good ERP system the sales subsidiaries can automatically receive scheduling insight as soon as they enter sales orders into the system -- meaning that the right people know right away what date they can promise the delivery to the consumer. Knowing when a product or service will be available through greater supply chain visibility can hold weight within the buying decision, but also creates value to the perceived service and brand for the business. The software has the opportunity to add further value through reducing internal tracking efforts, calls and staff hours following up enquiries. 
The very best ERP systems are closely aligned to bespoke business requirements. They enable the businesses to stay competitive, decrease costs to the business and improve the ability to predict and respond to changes in end-consumer demand. An integrated ERP system can ensure that you are making the most profitable decisions for your business at all times. 

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