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Customer-Centric Decisions

30th Sep 2010
Chief Customer Officer ClearAction Continuum
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Do you have a customer-focus creed? How visibile is it to your employees? In the conference room of a company I visited recently a poster served as a clear reminder for customer centric decision-making. Think about the highest priorities indicated by your most recent customer feedback, and how you could insert those priorities into a poster like this one:

Our goal is to increase customer retention through product and service value creation. Achieving this goal requires the commitment of all employees on a daily basis to:

Ensure all decisions support increasing value for key customers.

  • Ask when assessing the merits of a product, service or policy:
  • How does this strengthen our relationship with our customers?
  • How does this make doing business with us easier for customers?
  • How does this exceed the needs and expectations of customers?
  • Can we do this successfully, and will our customers notice?

Reminder badge cards or posters such as this are great for building a customer centric culture. Besides management's example in walking the talk, these reminders may be the next best thing to having the customer physically in your meeting rooms to monitor your dedication to superior customer experience.

Contact the author to find out how to customize these tips to your situation.

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