Chief Customer Officer ClearAction Continuum
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Customer Centric Learning

5th Jul 2011
Chief Customer Officer ClearAction Continuum
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Synchronizing with customers is the key to strong business results.  As customer's circumstances and preferences evolve, firms can do best by stepping into the customer's shoes and innovating business models, processes, and value from the customer's perspective.  One example of 'breaking the mold' of long-standing tradition to adapt to new realities among customers is the customer-centric learning format adopted by the IQPC Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Virtual Summit 2011. (30% discount code = ClearAction)

Helping customers learn is an ongoing common challenge across all industries.  Constraints in time availability, travel, competing demands -- and attention needed by customers of your customers -- are in many cases severely limiting the old business model for learning in classrooms and hotel conference rooms. Innovations underway for the IQPC Virtual Summit include 24/7 online accessibility of the conference across a 3-week period, anywhere the customer (i.e. delegate or attendee) has Internet access, Q&A opportunities during the live streaming of each of the 14 presentations (with speakers from America, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East and Asia), and opportunities to have extensive discussions, live ongoing interactivity and continuous sharing of best practice with fellow customer experience management professionals.  All of these capabilities extend the value of the learning experience beyond the constraints of the traditional business model.

Customer experience management is a discipline that's sorely needed in every industry.  CEM is enterprise-wide dedication to serving customer needs from their perspective.  CEM recognizes that businesses exist to serve customer needs -- not the other way around -- and by doing so, customers provide revenue for paychecks and budgets and shareholder value.  There's a great deal to be unlearned in every company's practices to comply with these simple truths!

Customer experience is the great differentiator of the future!  CEM is the answer to the quest for sustainable profitability and brand value.  Synchronization with customers through the discipline of CEM is essential as customers increase sophistication and constraints evolve, and as technological and social forces accelerate our challenges and opportunities simultaneously.  Innovative learning methods are needed by all parties in the value chain, and only the truly customer-centric innovations will yield necessary business results for any player in the system.  

I urge you to take advantage of the Virtual Summit 2011, from August 9th through 25th, and learn everything you can to propel customer experience for yourself and for your customers.  Note: 30% discount code = ClearAction


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