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CS Week: Celebrating customer service in October

3rd Oct 2016
Marketing Executive Click4Assistance Ltd
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The first week of October is important for customer service representatives worldwide, as Customer Service Week (CS Week) is acknowledged and celebrated across the world. Starting in the late 1980’s, CS Week was recognised as a national event in the USA in 1992 and spread across continents and into markets such as; UK, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Many industries participate, from Financial, Healthcare, Retail and Communication to Education Institutes, Government Agencies and Not for Profit organisations. They participate in CS Week to highlight the significance of Customer Service.

Wikipedia report “it is a great opportunity for organisations to:

  • Recognise and appreciate external customers for their custom and loyalty
  • Remind customers of their commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Recognise and appreciate staff for the role they play in delivering great customer experiences.
  • Reward members of staff who are a great example in serving customers.
  • Boost morale, motivation and teamwork.
  • Raise company-wide awareness of the importance of customer service.
  • Thank other departments for their support in delivering great service to customers and highlight the important role they play in serving customers.”

Customer Service Week 2016

Customer service week 2016 will be taking place from 3rd-7th October. Each day an allocated subject is discussed and analysed worldwide, helping to acknowledge customer service efforts and improve future strategies.

The subjects are:

  • Monday 3rd October: Consumer Priority
  • Tuesday 4th October: Understanding Complaints
  • Wednesday 5th October: Customer Service Strategy
  • Thursday 6th October: Collaboration
  • Friday 7th October: Recognise and Celebrate

Consumer Priority

In January 2016, the Customer Priorities for 2015 report was released in the UK Customer Satisfaction Index, by The Institute of Customer Service. The Institute carries out an online survey, twice a year for consumers.

The top priorities for consumers in 2015 were:

  1. competence of staff (in person),
  2. staff doing what they say they will do (complaint),
  3. competence of staff (over the phone),
  4. helpfulness of staff (in person)
  5. The handling of the complaint

Whilst the lowest consumer priorities during 2015 were:

  1. Involves consumer in developing new products and services
  2. Speed of response by social media
  3. Speed of response by web chat
  4. Is an innovative organisation
  5. Speed of response by letter

Understanding Complaints

Within the top 15 customer priorities, 40% are regarding complaints. Customer service representatives need to be able to listen fully to understand the complaint. They need to know when to elevate the issue and not to fight with the customer, coming to a resolution that suits both the customer and the organisation.

The main thing a business can do is learn why the complaint happened in the first place and what can be changed to ensure the risk of it happening again is minimal / avoidable.

Customer Service Strategy

On Wednesday 5th October, organisations will be sharing their customer service strategies; this will be the perfect time to evaluate the key aspects. If they apply to your business and you already have that strategy in place, how can your business improve on that; if it isn’t, how can your business implement it?


Collaborating with organisations outside your business and sharing knowledge helps strengthen any weaknesses within the company.

Claire Boscq-Scott, is the Busy Queen Bee, who inspires organisations to thrive by delivering exceptional customer service. Claire will be involved in many events over Customer Service Week, including collaborating with her local government body and other customer service experts:

“For the third year, I am joining forces with our local government body, Jersey Business and with the Parish of St Helier, to create a programme of activity celebrating and promoting the importance of great customer service in Jersey.

With this in mind, I also wanted to share my passion for Customer Service with other experts in that field, and will be interviewing one expert each day of the week during CSWeek. My guests include Shep Hyken, Chip Bell, Davina MacKail, Mike Aguilera and Teresa Allen. Being able to interview them so they can share their view about Customer Service and together we can raise the importance of exceptional customer service. The interviews will be live online but we also organising a series of lunch and learn to encourage local businesses to join in the conversation.”

Recognise and Celebrate

This one may have been strategically organised for Friday 7th October, to give customer service representatives the excuse to celebrate down the pub after work or with a “Fat Friday”. However it shouldn’t matter how organisations choose to commemorate Customer Service Week, as long as they are participating.

Customer Service

Customer service should be at the heart of every organisation whether selling products or offering services. CS Week shares this ethos and enables enthusiasts to celebrate the importance of ensuring the best customer service is delivered despite the method; in person, over the telephone, website chat software, or email etc.

For further information about Customer Service Week take a look at The Institute of Customer Service website. If you would like to share how your organisation will be celebrating CS Week or any opinions on the worldwide event, comment below.

Author Bio: Gemma Baker is the Marketing Executive for UK website chat software provider, Click4Assistance, with a range of digital knowledge within PPC advertising, SEO practices, email campaigns and social media.

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