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Drive More E-commerce Sales With This Checklist

19th Jan 2017
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Increasing traffic and conversions is the primary goal of almost every e-commerce business. With sites like Shopify making it quicker and easier to set up an online store, you probably have already started one of your own or recently thought about starting one. In either case, setting up the store is the easy part.

Customers now have many more options to buy from. That means generating sales will require a more unique and innovative approach. Even if you’ve developed a basic strategy, it can still be challenging to decide which marketing tactics to use.

You have nothing to worry about, though. There are several sales-focused marketing tactics and tools that you can implement to market your e-commerce business and generate more consistent profits from your existing and potential customers. With these tactics, you can outperform your competition while devising new strategies to stay ahead.  

Here are 5 proven e-commerce marketing tactics that you can use to transform your online store into a powerhouse that generates consistent sales.

1.             Optimize your e-commerce website for mobile devices

Today, more and more people are browsing websites and making purchases from their mobile devices. Analysts predict that over 50% of online shopping is expected to take place on mobile devices by 2021. You’re thinking what we’re thinking?

To seize this unique opportunity, you’ll need to optimize your website with a responsive design. That means you’re designing your website in such a way that mobile visitors can view and browse it seamlessly on their mobile devices.

For instance, you can present your product images in a format that loads faster and makes it easier for mobile visitors to view them without zooming in too much. You can even add a bigger ‘add to cart’ button so mobile visitors don’t have to scroll up or down and get lost on the page. These simple adjustments can greatly improve the overall shopping experience for your mobile users

2.            Use personalized marketing

Personalization is another effective marketing tactic that can drive more sales to your e-commerce site. Research proves that today’s customers are demanding highly personalized shopping experiences. The good news for businesses that can deliver is that those customers are usually willing to spend more when they receive such a tailored service. And for those that can’t deliver on those customized experiences? Let’s say they’re missing out on a huge opportunity to sweeten their sales and profits.  

But how exactly does personalization increase sales? Is it worth the effort?

We’re happy that you asked. Studies show that personalized marketing can increase sales by 10% (or more) and can deliver up to eight times the ROI on your marketing expenses. Of course, you can implement various personalized marketing practices to achieve better results. These practices may include targeted discounts, custom emails, less generic advertising, and more.

One company that is exploiting this incredible opportunity is Springwell Water Filtration Systems, developers of some of America’s most innovative home water treatment systems with the latest filtration techniques and technologies. The company uses an automated customization message service called Intercom that helps to personalize their email messages and interactions with customers on their website. Springwell also uses Yotpo, which is a third-party integration platform that accelerates business growth with a full suite of solutions for customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty, and referrals.

Together, these services have helped the company reach its target audiences through powerful, streamlined integrations and other creative methods like personalized marketing, retargeting, drip emails, etc. Better yet, Springwell has managed to use multi-channel marketing to engage their customers and prospects through different channels to further improve its customer experience and marketing campaigns.

3.            Engage online store visitors via live chat

Using the live chat feature to engage with your online store visitors is a great way to provide instant assistance without them having to contact your support team through email. Live chats are essentially your online store assistants, addressing customers’ concerns right away as they browse your store and helping them decide what to buy. Many live chat windows pop up on certain pages, after visitors have been on the site for a certain period, or after they’ve arrived on your site through an email newsletter. Using live chats is super convenient and shows your customers that you care about their shopping experience. That’s probably why about 79% of people use this feature. Also, ApexChat released a chat study that found that live chat can increase online leads by an average of 40%. With that amazing stat, you can increase your conversion rate by more than 45%. Live chat is no holy grail, but it can surely boost your conversions.

Springwell Water Systems also use live chat to engage their customers and prospects with warm, welcoming messages and to provide assistance. As soon as you land on their website, you are greeted with a small non-intrusive chat window at the bottom-right corner of the page with an area where you can write and submit your concerns. They've been able to generate more trust and sales by over 130%.

4.           Show off customer testimonials and reviews

Customer feedback shows whether your customers are satisfied or dissatisfied with your product or service and about the general experience they had with your company. A good number of satisfied customers is far more influential than even the best-written sales copy, so make sure that you showcase your customer testimonials and reviews on your website product pages, landing pages, pricing pages, or even your home page. Customer testimonials and reviews are trust signals that can be a great way to increase online sales, as they create a more favorable perception in the minds of potential customers who might have a difficult time deciding whether or not to do business with you. If your company has worked with an impressive list of satisfied and well-known brands or has been accredited by a respectable accreditation body, don’t hesitate to let your prospects know about it.

5.            Integrate Facebook and Instagram

You cannot deny the incredible impact social media has on growing a successful business nowadays. Instagram and Facebook have over 3 billion monthly active users combined, connecting consumers, brands, and influencers across all corners of the world. To make the best of this opportunity, build a large organic following on both platforms. Make sure to target people who are or might be interested in your products. You can achieve this by taking and posting compelling photos, using the right hashtags strategically, and posting at the right times. Once you’ve built up a large audience, make sure to engage with them by running contests, showing them behind-the-scenes clips of your product development phases, and so on. You can even use the Stories feature on both platforms to give you followers a direct way to purchase your products, which is key for boosting your online sales.


There you have it; five unique tactics to help you drive more traffic to your e-commerce store and increase online sales. Now, it’s up to you to try out these optimization strategies and see what works best. Good luck!


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