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10 Tips to Sell More to Customers and Improve Sales Performance

2nd Apr 2016
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The sales profession has been moving faster than ever. New competitors, and products similar to what you offer emerge quickly and often - before you know, they might be getting ahead of you, grabbing hundreds if not thousands of potential customers.



Regardless of the industry where you work, whatever worked well in the past few years is probably not good enough nowadays. There's no time for order taking or trial and error - it is time to sell. Here are a few basic tips you can follow in order to reduce your selling costs, improve your performance, and ensure you close a lot more often.


1. Understand Your Mission in Business


It's very important that you thoroughly understand your business niche. What is it that you do best, and who needs that done? What's the best way to approach such prospects, and how much are they ready to pay? If the answer to these questions doesn't come out easily and naturally to you, focus on vision and clarity.


2. Break That Mission In Specific Goals


Write down activity goals such as calls per day, referrals per call or proposals per month - things you can control. Set result goals as well, such as amount per sale, sales per month and profit per sale. A sales proposal template can help. These will help you measure progress and keep close track of it. By increasing activity and measuring results, you'll be able to keep focused and energized.


3. Sell To Your Customers' Needs


Always assume potential customers will buy only exactly what they need. Then, think about how you can convince them that they need it. Emphasize your service's or product's features which will help solve problems or reduce costs. It may be necessary to reposition your wares sometimes - maybe you've sold wool uniforms for how they feel and look in the past, but at a certain time, you may need to stress its lasting value and durability. Be creative in your marketing and sales.


4. Create Favourable Attention And Maintain It


Effective marketing, strong sales skills, strategic questions and referrals are very important to create favourable attention. Diligent, above-and-beyond, follow-through customer service is a nice way to maintain it. Utilise social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook to get more followers. Tools such as Instamacro and Hubspot can be a big aid in growing this presence.


5. Make Sure To Sell Purposefully


At every step, you should know what you're doing, and why you're doing it. Who are your targets, and why do you target them? What are you going to say to them, and why will you say it? What questions will you ask them? Why? What will the proposal you'll make look like, and why? When will you ask for the order? If you aren't sure of yourself at all steps in the selling process, get some guidance or training.


6. Ask, Listen, Act


These three words are what makes for success in sales, defining it better than any other set. Your questions need to be direct, planned, relevant and creative, and your listening skills have to be highly developed. It's essential that you respond to clients and take action in a manner that proves you've listened to the customer's needs.


7. Take The Responsibility, Don't Take The Credit


As a team leader, the company will look to you for direction, and do its best to support your effort. As a way to build a strong team which is willing to help you when you need them to, give them credit for what goes right, and take the blame for what goes wrong.


8. Don't Forget The Basics


Even the best have some room for improvements - make decisions which will improve your weaknesses, and set goals that can help you make yourself do things you don't naturally like doing. Be creative in your fact finding, presentation and prospecting skills. Imagine a perfect salesperson, and compare yourself to them.


9. Develop An Attitude


Attitude is a controllable thing - conquer your fears and change beliefs which limit success. Your though patterns control enthusiasm, resilience, persistence, happiness, confidence and commitment. Be aware of what you think, decide which thoughts aren't productive, and make a commitment to change - if you take the time and effort, you'll be able to become who you want to be, and improve as a person.


10. Maximize Your Time


Always focus on your goals - test activities for their urgency and importance. Create a schedule, and test the actual time against it every day. Remember - one daily hour of productivity is six extra productive weeks a year.

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