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How Brands, Businesses and Customers Benefit from Barcode Technology

22nd Mar 2016
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While the modern day barcode is commonly taken for granted by store owners and consumers alike, it is a universally useful tool among all sorts of business throughout the whole world. The only think a business needs in order to take advantage of this technology and vastly improve their speed, efficiency and accuracy is a barcode scanner and a basic printing device.



Before barcode technology, package information would be manually logged in by the store's clerks - this was extremely tedious, not to menion time consuming. Another important factor was accuracy - particularly when transporting important business packages which were passed between various individuals, increasing the chance of a mistake happening. A Barcode scanner allows employees to precisely read the encoded information, leaving a lot less room for potential mistakes. This makes it much easier to identify packages and products in an accurate and fast manner.


It used to take a very large amount of time for a clerk to manually read identification information and examine packages to prevent mistakes - not to mention the fact they had to correct any data that they might have keyed incorrectly. Now that barcodes exist, the process has been made significantly simpler - long periods of time processing a package are now a short moment placing the barcode over the scanner. In a retail scenario, it's possible to have hundreds of products rung up in no time, and in transportation, a conveyor belt can move packages as the scanner does the work of automatically scanning each individual package.

Better Control Over The Inventory

Since most packages feature some sort of barcode identification, inventory and product control are made much easier to handle when you have that technology. A depository will be able of keeping track of the products that enter and exit the store, keeping count of everything inside. When a product arrives, the store's staff will be able to process them easily, simply by scanning as they begin to stock shelves, and the logged scans will be compared against the main storage. A transportation company will be able to do the same, simply scanning the packages that enter and leave their trucks. Various business will link their inventory directly to an online portal that will provide immediate access to updates on the package such as delivery, arrival and departure.

Cost Efficiency

Ages ago, barcode technology was very costly - nowadays this isn't the case anymore. Maintenance and equipment is very financially accessible and easy to find now. One can download barcode font’s offline at a low price or even for free, then begin using them to label your packages and start an inventory. It is possible to find smartphone apps to scan and interpret barcodes as well - there are many free barcode apps which suit various products and come from various sources. Large companies can easily utilize barcode technology as a way to effective control their inventory and products.

Barcode technology has changed the way we sell and consumers shop and has had a remarkable part to play on our businesses.


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