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Reasons Why A Multilingual Site is Great for Customers

7th Aug 2015
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Do you run a business that serves customers in a variety of areas? Well if you do then have you ever considered a multilingual site?

There are a wide range of benefits of having a site like this and we’re going to take a look at them below.

Shift Away From Internet Users Who Are English

In the early days, the internet was more of an English invention, and this meant that English speakers dominated the internet. However, that's not the case anymore, and people from all around the world are using the internet and it continues to go that way. This means that one day, English speakers could make up the minority when it comes to using the internet.

About 10 years ago, some research that was carried out, and the particular results of this research described internet markets (foreign) as low hanging fruit, and the truth is that if you have a little bit of foresight, then you could very well find some massive revenues with not much effort on your part. When it comes to internet use flat lining, the results revealed that this was occurring in places such as the UK, Sweden, Germany and even America. However, in countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Italy and France have and continue to see a lot of growth when it comes to internet usage.

A senior analyst at Nielsen-Netrating said that countries where internet usage patterns are not that established means that there are easy opportunities. This means that this could lead to a loyal online user base. Internet companies could end up being paid out nice dividends.

A Marketing Tool That's Cost Effective

When it comes to marketing and creating brand awareness for your product, service and so forth, then being able to communicate with a brand new audience on an international level is a very good thing. This is especially true when you can communicate with users in their own language, and it is a cost effective way of marketing your company, as well as reaching brand new users and even building relationships with people who are located overseas.  

Get New Customers

You can get some brand new customers too. This is because your site can potentially be accessed by many people around the world. Plus, when non-English internet users are looking for a service or product that your company offers, then you will be able to capture their attention right away, and that is a very good thing - just be sure it follows the right etiquette as different nations have different rules.

More Sales

When you can reach many non-English speakers, then you can potentially increase your sales by a lot. Even if your site can only translate for a few countries, the sales potential is huge. You might be surprised at how many sales you can garner as a result of doing this.

Customer Centric

This means that you are showing customers that you are thinking about them. This can go a long way because it shows you care about them because you are offering your site's content in their language. If customers think you genuinely care about them, which you should, then they will want to be your customer.

Build Trust

When it comes to buying things online, trust is a major factor. Non-English speakers may feel more secure when they do business with a site that is in their own language. In other words, when you have a multilingual site, then you could end up building up trust with potential customers. 

Sensitive (Culturally-Wise)

If your site is designed the right way and is a multilingual site, then you could end up overcoming cultural barriers. You could end up making a foreign internet user more comfortable when they use your site. You might be surprised at just how comfortable people will feel. 

Beat Competition

You can beat your competition. Many internet sites are not multilingual, and they could be missing out. In other words, if you want to beat your competition, then make sure your site is multilingual.

International Nature

This means you can have a great image. Image is everything too. A multilingual site shows you are thinking and working on an international level.

Search Engines

You can increase your chances of getting search engine traffic when have a multilingual site. This includes traffic from some of the major search engines. If you want more traffic from various countries, then one of the best ways to do it is by making sure your site is available in various languages, so do this as soon as possible.

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