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Seven Great Tips to Sell to Customers

6th Aug 2015
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Selling to customers can be hard and it can be easy and there are many variables that make it either. However, being a great sales person can be hugely beneficial and can make the difference between success and failure for a business. So, here are some tips on how to improve.

1. Before starting your day in sales, it's a good idea to stop and do a simple expectation check. Ask yourself exactly what are you going to concentrate on. Are you going to have fun and help your costumers pick the best products for them - or are they going to be mean and hostile? If you start your day with a negative worldview, it's unlikely that you'll have a pleasant experience. As old sales pros say sometimes, "Garbage in, garbage out" - so make sure you don't start working in a bad mood.

Man adjusting tie2. Just because you can wear sneakers at work doesn’t mean you necessarily should - try to avoid dressing lazily. If you dress well, you're bound to respect yourself more and feel better - thus making you more likely to have a good experience. Here are some tips.

3. Pay attention to what you're saying - in the information era, gossip is more popular than ever - but make sure you never feel better about yourself at someone's expense, or make your costumers feel bad in another way. Indeed, that's exactly the opposite of the concept of selling - you're supposed to feel better about people when they come into your shop. A lot of people don’t realise what they’re saying and this is where good sales training can make all the difference. It can shed light on issues you never knew you had and allow you and your business to leap forward with new contracts.

4. Never judge. It can be hard not to judge a customer by their clothes, their mannerisms or the way they present themselves - but don't do that. When we assume things about our customers, especially if think we can figure out which costumers are more worthy of our effort, we're probably wrong - and this can make you waste excellent opportunities.

Additionally create a relaxing atmosphere for sale to clients with a better, more open and well-designed space. People love being treated and a well designed space offering good customer service can help. Create a bright, attractive space using light, windows, natural light and even these fountains from Soothing Walls.

5. Make it known that you are there to serve. Centuries ago, the Knights of the Round Table would kneel before their masters or royalty as an outward sign of servitude. The act of serving goes back to biblical ages, and it's mentioned throughout history as a great gift to humanity. It is wrong to see the employees as king or queen, as if they were doing the customer a favour with their service - the costumers should be treated as royalty, instead.

6. Make sure to watch your close ratio. When you count all costumers encountered and every sale you close, you can divide both numbers in order to find you sales to visits ratio. If it's 1 out of 10, for instance, you can work to make it 2 of 10, doubling your commission while keeping track of your progress - and since you're aware of each costumer you interact with, you're more likely to work harder to sell to each of them.

7. Practice by selling things you hate. You'll find that giving up assumptions and personal bias is an excellent way to figure out good reasons for a costumer to buy a certain item. Look for the ugliest thing you can find, so you can put yourself on someone else's shoes and try to see your item as someone who can benefit from it would.

These seven tips will make it easier to sell to customers and provide clearer expectations of what to expect and how to achieve more. 

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