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Tips For Getting Customer Attention At Your Exhibition Stand

18th Apr 2016
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You only get one chance to make a first impression and exhibitions are a true example of this statement. So, how do you create that vital first impression and get attention from customers at your exhibition stand.


1 - The Aesthetics Are Important


First of all, you want your exhibition stand to look as great as possible. Think of what sort of stores you go into because they have fantastic displays in their windows. Also consider how many websites you click away from because they don't look very good. First impressions matter, and your customers are going to be judging your stand within an instant based on aesthetics alone. You want a clear lay out with well-designed signs or posters that draw people in and make them want to check you out rather than keep moving past.


2 - Bigger Isn't Always Better


You don't have to go for a huge stand that takes up tons of space. Something with a smaller, clean layout can be just as effective. Determine how much space you will need ahead of time for your wares and plan out how you can potentially make it even smaller. As long as you have enough room to display everything comfortably and also have room to work within the space, that's all you'll need. You want your layout to be focused. That's all that matters. Here are some tips on making your small stand a success.


3 - Set Up Early


You want to get an early start on your set up, well before whatever show your stand resides in will be starting. You can get all of the trial and error out of the way early, and also have plenty of room to stand back and examine how your stand looks from afar. You might even be able to make some last minute improvements if you give yourself enough time to do so.


4 - Make Your Aim Clear To Consultants


Anyone that you are consulting with on your stand, be it a signage company or graphic designer for posters, needs to be very clear of your goals for the sign. They'll be able to more effectively help you convey what you want to any customers or visitors that might be coming by. If you're on the same page with anyone you're contributing with, the final product of your stand will be that much more effective.


5 - Go Just A Bit Further With Your Setup


Don't be shy to try a bit of the "fancy" stuff with your stand setup. Try hanging some lights or adding a soundtrack. You can even opt into animated electric signs or amazing exhibition stand graphics if you have the financial means. Anything you can do to give your stand a bit of extra visual flair outside of the ordinary is potentially for the best. Just make sure you avoid anything overly showy, as that can be tacky.


6 - Plan Out Your Budget And Stick To It


Remember that you want to come out of your experience at the likes of a trade show with a positive balance, so you want to plan out how much you're willing to put into it beforehand with excruciating detail. Stick to your budget as doggedly as you can. The best stand isn't the one that was the most expensive; the best stand is the one that was planned out the most effectively.


7 - Get The Word Out


Marketing is everything in the world of business, even at the lowest levels. If you tell as many people as you can that you're going to have a stand at a show somewhere, you'll have that much more foot traffic on the day. After all, someone you know might then know someone else that has interest in what you'll be displaying. The benefits of speaking up are plentiful, so take advantage.

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