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12 marketing ideas to shake things up in 2020

17th Dec 2019
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To develop your place in the market, you need to be aware of some marketing tactics that will help you score the perfect company deals and partnerships. For most people it might seem like a difficult thing to do, however, it can be easy as well. Following are some marketing ideas that can help your boost your marketing this year.

  1. Attract Attention Towards Your Brand

To attract new ideas and people, you need to be bold and confident to take risks. One way for this is to advertise uniquely to create a scene, so that the audience will be evoked about the issue, become known for it and voila! the job is done. For instance, to promote an art gallery idea, you can make some artists do performance arts or live arts to attract audience towards the kind of art you will be promoting.

  1. Do More for the Community

The community culture is quite commo for markets and businesses and doing good and prominent charity work can earn you a good reputation as well as make you satisfied. For this, you need to know the weaknesses of the society and try to work on them. You need to be aware of your surrounding and help your community fellows.

  1. Hold Charity Auctions on Behalf of Your Brand

Organizing charity auctions is one the best marketing ideas for your brand. Auctions attract rich people only who are always looking for either investment or development become more know than others. This auction will help you in developing a good image of your brand that works dedicatedly towards the sensitive side of the community as well. These types of events also market your brand as it will be discussed on stage about the sponsors or organizers, what products they deal with while presenting a good image of your company.

  1. Advertise in New Places

Plain and basic advertising has become monotonous for the audience. To market your brand and products, you need to come up with new and creative ideas. For instance, you can opt to advertise live in front of an audience or put up your advertisements on places and platforms it has never been seen before. You can opt for customized gifs, cups, poster branding etc.

  1. Collaborate with Influencers

With the advancement of the digital world, there has developed a need of marketing your company and products through a more These days, brands have trouble developing a strong relation with the audience. For this, you can collaborate with the bloggers. Partnering with influencers is not as hard as it seems, most of the time because they have become so common as well. Hearing about the brand and its products reviewed by the beauty artists should invoke the audience to invest in them. This is why you see so many stores and shops for sale, because they don’t do the basic and don’t focus on the marketing side of things.

  1. Create a customer referral program.

Creating a customer-referral program is to offer your customers and clients a low cast reward like some vouchers, however there is also sale on most items. You should work on providing some of your products under testing, e.g. the vouchers, complimentary spa and dinner, discount on movies and brands etc. You can also ask around about him and know how valuable it is. Customer referral program also helps in improving the appreciation by customers.

  1. Create Your Own Infographics

Creating your own infographics is an excellent business move that helps you in increasing the reputation of your brand. Infographics are an excellent marketing tool that help you in making the visuals ad content easy to understand. There are also online platforms like Visme, which requires no knowledge and skills.


  1. Hold Drawing and Creative Contest for Business Cards

Well, much similar to logo designing competitions, your can hold card-designing competitions for people who love to do and create something unique. You can either play a game for this, or simply keep a cowl and ask anyone who visits your side of the office can drop a suggestion or design. Through this idea, you will have collected so many business card ideas wo that you can explain your points easily and earn them special offers.

  1. Partner with a Professional Organization

For this year, the top marketing trends is to partner with someone in order to save one’s self from future issues. There are special organizations for this purpose that help in connecting the marketing ideas. This act will give you more visibility as well as provide you with any opportunities that can help you boost your business.

  1.  Create Your Own Blog

If you do not have a blog already, start by making one. Usually, company blogs are filled blogs which makes it useful for your industrial work. This will also help you in connecting to the cud customer base is a great way of connecting with current customers as well as generating new ones. Blogs have become a good habit for avid readers, and they should know what a blog is and the difference of a website and a blog.

  1. Invest in SEO Techniques

With the rising competition in the market, implantation of SEO strategies has become a necessity. You do not need to go for extra professional services, rather try out on some young businesses for this purpose. SEO experts can make our content more enjoyable and develop your name among the people. SEO techniques drive more audience towards you site.


  1. Give Out Free Samples

Who doesn’t love free samples? You need to invest in you company and business, and even if it sometimes means giving way free samples. In case you are offering discounts, they are usually measured by your business needs. For some people, the pressure if work is real for which you need to compete the positive way. Free samples invoke a different type of excitement for the audience and convinces them of the quality of your product. This act also spreads the word about the generosity of your program, which is a winning situation for you.

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