5 must-have business group chat apps

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The ability of colleagues to communicate and collaborate with each other is paramount to the long-term success of any business. If team members use internatl business communication channel, it improves their productivity. The link between collaboration and innovation, for example, is a well-researched topic. The most innovative ideas often come not from the brain of one person, but rather from the creative process between multiple team members in which they can build off of each other’s thinking, expose their ideas to diverse viewpoints, redesign an initial plan, and refocus their approach. Findings in a recent Nielsen study highlight this point, showing that concepts developed by teams of six or more people performed 58% better with consumers in pre-market testing. The benefits of more effective inter-team collaboration are not only limited to the area of innovation. Workplace mistakes can also be avoided, with 86% of corporate executives recently surveyed by Salesforce blaming a lack of communication and collaboration for workplace failures.

When team members are all in one physical location communication and collaboration processes are relatively simple to set up; it’s just a question of creating the time and space for it to happen. Given the more dynamic work environments that many modern businesses operate in, with remote employees, separate office locations, and flexible work hours, the question arises as to how to create this collaborative space remotely. One indispensable part of the answer to this question is, of course, technology. Alone, technology will not guarantee collaboration, but the right tool has the power to ease the process and create the necessary conditions to foster meaningful interactions and exchanges.

Luckily there are multiple tools on the market just for this purpose. Here are 5 business group chat apps that can help you get your team collaborating and communicating:


  1. Brosix

The best apps provide multiple benefits in one easy to use package. With Brosix IM you not only get access to innovative collaboration tools such as virtual whiteboard, co-browsing, and remote desktop, but it all comes in a private team network that can be administered and adjusted to your liking. This gives you the flexibility to grant and restrict features based on your collaboration vision, and create specific inter-team chat groups. On top of this, all data transferred on the network, from chats to file transfers, is completely encrypted, thus addressing ever prevalent cybersecurity concerns.

  1. Rocket.Chat

Adaptability is an advantage to any business group chat app. Rocket.Chat gives you the full range of standard communication features (audio and video conferencing, file sharing, and voice messages, among others) on a highly adaptable open source platform. Rocket.Chat takes advantage of an open source community of over 200 developers to help continue to develop it, so you’ll be able to take advantage of the updates that come from this collaboration effort.

  1. Slack

In simple growth terms, Slack is one of the faster growing apps on the market. Within a year and a half of its launch, the app already had over a million subscribers. Its main focus lies in its innovative “channels” system, which allows you to streamline team communication around different projects or topics in one open or private channel. Slack also supports direct calls and file sharing, among other features.

  1. HipChat

Team communication is a crucial element of any business group chat app. The ability to quickly and easily send a message to a colleague is a big boost to any team. HipChat is an app that puts a heavy focus on this communication element. Through public and private chat rooms, and direct messaging, this app streamlines peer to peer communication. HipChat also has full integration with a large selection of other apps, ranging from more common ones like Facebook and Dropbox, to less well known apps.  

  1. Cisco Spark

Collaboration is more than just ease of communication, and in order for it to be effective it needs to be structured. With Cisco Spark you not only get the standard chat features available on the other listed apps, but can also schedule and run meetings utilizing Webex technology. Cisco Spark is accessible across multiple devices and platforms, so you can engage with your colleagues by joining from meetings wherever you may be.  


A company’s ability to innovate depends on its ability to foster collaboration among its employees. Ideas aren’t only born, they’re cultivated and nurtured in the right collaborative environment. With ever more dynamic work environments, this requires the right tool that will allow employees to communicate, share ideas, and plan together in a virtual space. Luckily, the market has provided a wide range of solutions to this modern-day challenge. By selecting the appropriate business group chat app, you can inspire your team to work together towards ever more innovative ideas.


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