Boost your success with seven free marketing tools

7th Dec 2017

Marketing as a profession has been there in the industry from the beginning of trade. There are those who say that marketing is as old as civilization itself. It’s not possible for products to go and find buyers on its own. Marketing is the answer for companies to sell their products in the market & for promoting and establishing their brand.

The way of marketing as we know now and read in marketing textbooks had its start during the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries. Mass production of goods, development of transport, infrastructure and growth in mass media propelled marketing to new heights. Over the years it has taken different forms and different mediums like newspaper, radio, television etc to meet its purpose.

But time has changed and marketing has upgraded from its traditional approach and has moved to the online world. Even though traditional forms of marketing still exist the future of marketing is purely online & marketers of brands around the world have already started taking the online approach. Online marketing is nothing but promoting the products or services of companies using the medium of internet. Email marketing, content marketing, blogging, social media marketing, paid ads are all part of online marketing and to manage all these marketers are using tools.

 Majority marketers today live and die by the tools as they are expected to be ahead of a million paces at once. Relying on the right tools can save their time & at the same time can also maintain their sanity. In this post, we have listed out some of the top free tools that every marketer should be having in his arsenal.

Top tools of the trade

  1. Email Marketing Scorecard

Email marketing has been in the game for a long time and it’s still top in the list of techniques that brings in clients. But marketers can be in doubt in how their E-mails are performing in comparison with their competitors. Email Marketing Scorecard lets you take an easy quiz that lets you investigate how to use email to market the brand. It also provides the marketers with actionable tips to improve the email marketing campaigns.

  1. Compress JPEG

Content marketing is one of the most important techniques in digital marketing & blogging is one part of it. You don’t want your reader to wait forever for your pages to get loaded. Compress Jpeg is an easy tool that compresses images down to lowest size possible which drastically reduces page load time. With this your content will be image rich & quick to load.

  1. CoTweet

Twitter is one platform which marketers have been using for quite some time but the chances of things going haywire are also high in it. CoTweet is a Twitter monitoring website that enables marketers to track brand, competitor or keyword mentions – and respond accordingly.  This tool also allows assigning tweets to other users for action, send direct messages through Twitter, view the profiles of Twitter users, follow or unfollow them.

  1. Feedly

It is really a time taking process to keep on filling the social media channels. Feedly is a free tool that helps marketers to curate interesting content & share it quickly on multiple channels. The marketers will have access to ready to share content by selecting different topics, blogs or publications that they trust.


Video is the newest form of content in the digital marketing world. Biteable is a website which lets you create awesome videos that will help in your social media campaigns. If you are on the lookout for a quick & simple way to create high-quality video footage with audio, music & text- Biteable is your answer.

  1. Google alerts

The ultimate free tool for marketers to track all mentions of your brand or product on websites & social media. The options for setting up keyword alerts that includes your company & product name will get you email reports that show where your company was mentioned & what was said. These tools also let you track your marketing, identify plagiarism, find sources for blog posts & presentations and follow industry trends.

  1. Canva

A tool which is trusted by more than 2 million users for creating images for social media, blog posts & practically any other use imaginable. The platform gives you access to two folders to organize designs, up to 1 G.B storage for photos & assets, access to over 8000 templates, upload custom fonts of your brand and a lot more.

Zipping up the tool bag

Each of these tools can help the marketers in saving time & connect with more potential customers. Nowadays it’s essential for marketers to know the tools that can help in reducing the effort as it is as important as knowing the trade itself. Time is money in the digital marketing world because how fast you can reach the client before your competitors will determine your success in the digital world.


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