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27th Dec 2018
creating professional business proposals
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Keeping a resume or proposal neat and tidy could be a key factor in giving yourself a credible and professional impression.

However, with so many unique individuals submitting their own proposals to the same company, you’re going to need to stand out! This can be done with a simple touch of added colours and graphics, and here’s why it’s crucial:

First Impressions are Everything

Aside from being neat and organised, you can give your business or marketing proposal a winning first impression sure to score you some favour points. Despite your potential employers’ professionalism, their judgements still can be swayed in your favour.

The best way to do this? Add graphics, colour blocks and other relevant visuals to your proposal to make it stand apart at first glance. Having these simple visual elements will easily capture your client’s attention when compared to a bland document.

A Picture Speaks 1,000 Words

Obviously, you want your proposal to be as detailed as possible to capture the attention and interest of your prospective client. However, your main message could get lost in translation when you provide long content.

Why not try using supporting visuals to further highlight your points? This could be in the form of infographics, graphs, pie charts, workflow diagrams and any other forms that are relevant to your proposal.

Visual media can dramatically boost conversions, and, if you are working from a creative perspective, then these visuals are even more crucial to your proposal.

Software Makes Visual Proposals Simple

You don’t need advanced Photoshop skills to make your visual proposals look outstanding. With free and paid software available to ensure that your proposal looks its best, what is stopping you from creating an attractive yet simple and informative proposal?

Online business proposal templates are an ideal way to streamline and enhance the visual appeal of your business service offerings.

Usually, such software is designed for easy use. You usually will only need to fill in your details, customise any bits that you want and save the document with a single click.

The best part? You can save this proposal template for easy editing when you need it for the next client.

Visual Content Builds a Brand

If you have your own business logo, why not place it on your proposal? Having your own branded graphics can make you appear much more professional and trustworthy.

Any other visual content that you have will also build your personal branding, so choose these visuals wisely.

When you have a consistent colour scheme for your brand, you can use it throughout your documents and pages. These colours can be used as document highlights, bullet points, tables and much more. It’s all up to your imagination.

Imagery Displays Personality

What kind of brand persona do you want your business to have?  Vector graphics, photographs or pattern-based images can suit different types of brand personalities and reflect different tones, so you can use these images to project your desired personality.

Any graphics with neutral tones could make your personality appear more formal, professional and strict, as an example. Meanwhile, having brighter colours could reflect a playful, fun and casual style. Which style would you prefer?

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