How to run successful customer service training

21st Jul 2017

Every corporation or retail outfit will have team building and customer training activities at some point in their lifetime. These customer training exercises are the best way for organizations to expand their business branding and build a profile that their customers will respond to.

Organizing a training event can be quite daunting, especially if it’s your first experience. However, you can make these events successful by simply streamlining your event planning and preparation and making use of all the available resources to get the job done.

Let us have a look at the top 5 things that are necessary to make your training event a success.

Venue and atmosphere

The venue of the training event is the face of your organization. Book a place that fits your budget and is readily available by all. Many corporate event venues offer all the facilities to welcome your entire company and special guests.

After the selection of site comes the ambiance. An excellent site can easily be wasted if the arrangements are not appropriate for the attendees. So, you not only need to determine the right venue, you have to have the right event audience in mind as well.

These methods may include the availability of volunteer staff on time, seating, the venue temperature and others.

Technology and facilitation

The most common issues that disrupt training events are technical problems. Make sure that the devices are connected and produce decent visuals and sound. The training material needs to be audible as well as visible.

Technology can make your event more engaging, or else it can become a mood killer. So, if you plan to use any range of technology, make sure it is tested and fully functional before the event.

You should also ensure that the lightings are adjustable for slideshows, presentations or videos. Facing technical issues during the training session can be very annoying and may make the employees lose concentration and interest in the training session.

Break schedule

You must design the event calendar in a way which is not tiring or boring for the attendees. Include proper short and long breaks throughout the day and inform the participants about the broken plan beforehand.

During breaks, manage volunteers to ensure the availability of all food items such as tea, coffee, snacks, lunch or dinner.

Arrange appropriate crockery, easy accessibility to food by all the attendees, and allow a separate place for smoking.

Many event centers offer different food halls at meal timings or smoke rooms to maintain the ambiance.

Interaction and participation

To achieve the purpose of the training event, the training material and trainers must be engaging for the participants.

To keep the attendees involved throughout the session, set training goals and inform the members about them. Interact with the attendees through different activities during the training session.

You may interact with all of the participants individually or collectively. Moreover, prepare some group activities for the engagement of the participants with each other and to keep healthy and active training sessions.

Well-prepared written material

As much as participation is important, the training material should also be captivating. Keep the material obvious, interesting, well-prepared and provide written handouts for references.

Similarly, base your training material on real time videos, practices or some humor to maintain a healthy training environment.

Include activities that require chart preparations, critical thinking, and bringing up new ideas collectively or individually.

The above-shared tips are sufficient for carrying out a successful training event. Step into the shoes of participants to understand their expectations from the event.

This will help you in tailoring your decisions to cater to their needs in a better way.

Customer service training can help your profit margins, not to mention staff morale. Make sure you not only conduct customer service training on a regular basis, but that you are implementing the training in a way that meets the demands of your niche and is engaging to participants.

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