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How to use video testimonials effectively

28th Aug 2017
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Customer Reviews
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Video testimonials, already testimonials, are a great way to build authority and brand awareness. Consumer testimonials and reviews representing your brand reputation.  They can make or break a brand overnight.

But, even the good reviews need to be positioned and used properly in order to maximize the authority and brand awareness that you stand to gain.

First, in order to get a cracking video testimonial worth publishing, you will need to consider what to ask. These are the questions worth asking in order to get a well-rounded review or testimonial for your product or service.

  • Ask about the overall experience
  • Ask about the most satisfying component of the service they  received
  • Ask about two additional benefits or satisfactions they got from dealing with you
  • Ask if they would recommend you
  • Ask about obstacles
  • Ask if they would like to add anything.

If your review or video testimonial covers some or all of these bases you are then ready to produce a video and position is strategically for maximum gain.

Here are some tips to help you use video testimonials effectively. 

Testimonials or Feedback

First of all, it's probably best to ask for feedback rather than a testimonial. Feedback suggests you want the customer experience at an opinion, not just their attitude.

Most people will report feeling comfortable about giving feedback over providing the more formal "testimony," which has the ring of a more official statement.

What You Ask, and How You Ask it

You need to be thoughtful about the way you phrase your questions.

Ideally, you want to be as specific as possible. For example, there is a world of difference asking a customer whether they had a pleasant experience and asking the same customer how they found you a shipping process.

At this point, it is also worth noting that you should be asking for their location and name. A review or testimonial without a real name and location is unlikely to be trusted by savvy internet users.

Go Easy on the Editing

Testimonials, especially video reviews and video testimonials, need to appear natural and authentic. So be careful how much of the video you cut and edit. People will be suspicious about a "too perfect" video cut.

You want the listener or viewer to get a sense that the video testimonial is genuine and not contrived in any way.

Most consumers will have a unique way of speaking; they will have idiosyncrasies and a natural vocabulary that rings true for those looking for reassurance about your product or service.

Don't undermine those valuable video testimonials by trying to control the language. And especially, do not put words in the consumer's mouth.

Make Your Video's Relevant

In reality, your video testimonials should focus on the product or service that is currently being addressed or a question that is likely to be raised regarding the product or service that the customer is currently viewing.

You also need to consider the demographic of the people viewing the product or service and the demographic of the person giving the video testimonial.

It should go without saying, but a 5-year-old talking about a V8 engine is not likely to possess the same convincing tone as a 35-year-old male.

Don't Ignore Possible Objections

Your site visitors will have objections and questions about your product or service. As someone who has done their marketing and research, you will be able to address those in your content along the way.

Video testimonials are a great way to raise the questions and objections that are most likely to be encountered. You can have a genuine customer or client answer with their own positive experience regarding those objections.

Keep it Real

Fake video testimonials are pointless. If word gets out that you have used a stock standard Fiverr gig in order to generate video testimonials you will quickly ruin your reputation.

Again, people love authenticity. Use your video testimonials to put forward a genuine experience for your prospective customers to consider.

Even if people do not spot that the content is fake, they will more than likely have a sense that it is not trustworthy.

There is an easy way to deal with this. Make all of your video testimonials real.

Be sure to get the Details

Just as you want answers to objections to take place in video testimonials, you also want to get specific about the particulars of the product or your service.

Let the person giving the testimony have their say about what it was that they really enjoyed about the product or service. Let them use their own language and give specifics on what it was they experienced.

Personal experience resonates very well with those who are considering a product or service

Avoid Cliches and Expert Only Reviews

According to Animoto, Four out of five consumers cite a video showing how a product or service works as important when making a purchasing decision or learning about the business they plan to deal with. However, while it is good to drop some authoritative names from time to time, most of your testimonials should be speaking to and hearing from the person on the street.

Also be careful about the language you use in your questions. You are not trying to impress the experts (or perhaps you are). You seek to reach a particular audience.

Speak the language of that audience and ensure that that language is echoed in the choice of people you use to give the video testimonials.

Use your Testimonials Wisely

You do not want the same customer testimony on every page. You also will not want all of your testimonials on one page. Use them strategically.

Vary the location of your video testimonials. Some may be suitable for social media sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Social proof and social approval can be quickly gained through the smart use of video testimonials on Social Media.

Some might be ideal for Snapchat. Some of your video testimonials might work best on product pages and others on service pages.

Video testimonials are real opportunity to authentically showcase what is best about your product or service. Keep them short, and only as formal as they need to be to meet the expectations of your target audience.

Make sure they are relevant for the page and purpose of which you place the testimonial. And make sure they speak the language of the customers you are trying to win to your cause.

Additional Sources: How to Get the Perfect Video Testimonial

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By AlexBizpages
21st May 2021 07:17

As per the section "What You Ask, and How You Ask it" I would recommend to also ask the customer to mention the Date. It is important to have this info because most of video testimonials I have seen are lacking this and leave a strange feeling of uncertainty - probably the last thing you would want from your video. Clients are not told WHEN all this happened.
In my article here
I intended to show key elements that must be there in the video to make it a legit one. Timing is one of key things.
On the other hand, it must be said that having the time mentioned in the video urges business owners to make new videos as time goes by because the older ones become less to the point. Showing clients a video made several years ago can only achieve its goal (showing that the business is a long-term and solid one) if you already have newer videos available too.

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