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8 Ways to Turn Instagram Followers Into Customers

28th Nov 2017
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Building a brand presence on social media can be challenging. As a company, it’s difficult to manage marketing strategies across a wide variety of different channels. While each platform presents a unique way to engage with potential customers, they also require an in-depth knowledge of how to best take advantage of their service. On Instagram, many companies have built a large following through innovative marketing campaigns and excellent customer experience. Of course, having such a large following is the first step toward growing your business.

However, accumulating a user base that follows your content is just the first step in generating revenue. A critical step in the process is converting followers to customers. To be successful, retailers and business owners need users that buy their products, not just users who like their posts.

Oftentimes, the intersection between engaged users and and customer conversion opportunities is hard to find. But, there are several strategies that social media managers can use to maximize the chances of converting a like into a purchase and monetize on Instagram. Here are eight ways that you can begin turning your followers into customers on Instagram.

1. Start a conversation.

One way to attract new customers is to engage them through conversation. Oftentimes, brands focus on putting out content like pictures and videos rather than talking to their users directly. Rather than post a picture of your new product, post a video and ask a question of your followers. If you’re a clothing retailer, ask your fans about their favorite piece of clothing.

If you’re an electronics manufacturer, ask your customers about features they’d like to see in a new product. Starting a conversation with your followers gets them engaged and talking about your products.

2. Be original.

One thing that’s certain is that potential customers can be overloaded with boring content. Brands that constantly post the same content will fail to generate interest among their followers. Invest time and money into developing innovative, unique engagement strategies for your customers.

Create a video series that followers can look forward to or hire artists to create unique content. Attracting the attention of a potential customer is often the hardest step in the conversation process, so being original is extremely important.

3. Offer promotions.

An obvious way to convert followers into customers is to offer Instagram-only promotions. For instance, post a picture of one of your products with a discount code that your followers can use for the next few hours.

This will encourage users to act quickly and take advantage of the exclusive opportunity. Additionally, you’ll incentivize followers to regularly visit your page to find new promotions and sales.

4. Highlight your customers.

A great way to boost sales is to offer incentives for customers who buy your product. For example, let’s say you’re releasing a new brand of boots, and you want to drive sales from Instagram.

Run a contest on your page that asks followers to submit pictures of themselves wearing your new boots. At the end of the contest, select a few customers to be reposted on your page. Potential customers will have an incentive to go buy your product if they want to be featured. This is a great way to both boost sales and generate interests in your posts.

5. Promote your customer service.

Customers are always appreciative of great customer service. Retailers and brands that offer lifetime warranties or free exchanges are much more attractive for consumers looking to buy products. If you make watches and you have a great warranty, post about a customer that just came in and got their watch replaced. Followers will see how great your customer service is and will be more likely to purchase the product themselves.

6. Be active in the community.

By liking and commenting on the posts of influential users in your community, you can build exposure among potential customers. Determine the content that your customers are interested in and find users that are popular in that space.

7. Reach out to followers individually.

Send personalized messages to your followers encouraging them to check out your new products or promotions. Mention something about the user’s account or comment on one of their posts. You can even send them promotional codes or free merchandise.

Encourage them to share your content with your friends or comment on a new post you just released. People love attention, and if they believe that a brand is invested in them as a supporter of their products, they’ll be more likely to become a lifetime customer.

8. Tell your story.

A great way to keep followers interested and engaged in your content is to offer a unique view into your company. Post about how the company was started or how your products are made. Create videos where employees discuss why they love your company.

Give your followers behind the scenes access into the making of your social media content. When a customer can identify with a brand or the people that work for the company, they’re more likely to support it. Telling the story of your brand can absolutely help drive customer conversion on Instagram.

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