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How happy employees improves customer service

9th Sep 2017
David Wither Consulting Group
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Customer service is the core to any small business. It’s the essence of every contact point along the way, from entry to exit. Which is why it’s somewhat boggling more companies don’t pay more attention as to how they can improve it.

According to Kissmetrics, 94% of a marketing budget is spent on trying to get customers to call. And with such a high amount of energy put into this first interaction, it’s imperative that it’s one of the best it can be. However, to accomplish having happy customers, you first have to have happy employees. That’s why I’m going to walk you through a few helpful tips on how you can not only spend more time with them but make them happier in the process. Check it out below:

Get To Know What’s Going On In Their Life

When you think about your favorite bosses, what comes to mind? Someone that you could learn from? That cared about your well-being? That went out of their way to make the holidays better for you or your family? While all of these factors could be true, the overarching quality of what separates a good boss from the greats is showing a genuine appreciation and knowledge of what’s going on in their employee’s lives.

It goes without saying that we’re more than just our job titles and should be treated as such. While I understand everyone’s different regarding how much they want to engage with others in their work lives, it never hurts to ask what’s going on outside of things. This can be an excellent opportunity to possibly even lend a helping hand, especially in a time when someone might be getting married or needs help with a hefty repair bill. In the end, it’s best left up to you to decide which employees you feel will be most receptive of your inquiries, but doing so might surprise you...especially when it comes to increasing productivity.

Happier Employees Means Better Results

It’s no secret that workplace happiness has a strong correlation with higher productivity. However, not everyone knows how to reach that point. And with customer service, this is especially imperative as it’s going to lead to more success in terms of resolving issues with customers/clients. According to HelpScout, a loyal customer is worth 10x more than their initial purchase, which speaks volumes as to why giving them the best experience possible is imperative. Yet, that process starts with your employees, but more specifically, how you behave with them.

While it might seem disingenuous to shower them with compliments or gifts, let them know that they’re appreciated. According to Entrepreneur, 94% of employees like to be recognized for an accomplishment at work, so reward them accordingly. Furthermore, make an effort to do things as a group, even if it’s just having donuts for your morning stand-up or taking them on a retreat. These little efforts can go a long way, especially in how they view themselves staying with you long term.

Have Them Become Employees For The Long Run

In building a solid customer service experience, a big portion of that is having an outstanding customer service team. This means you want people who believe in your company’s vision and are in it for the long haul because otherwise, your sales and service could potentially suffer. According to HR Drive, 75% of turnover is preventable, with employee happiness being a tremendous supporting factor. Quite simply, this is more than just building a team but building a family, and is something you should not take lightly.

The core of building your team is going to boil down to having them believe in your vision and goals for the company, and then truly making them a part of it. I’ll note that just saying “good job” sometimes isn’t enough, but rather actually talking with them through their process and seeing what they did right. Furthermore, employee feedback needs to have some sort of mission to it, especially in assessing what additional things they can do to improve. Of course, with improvements and increased productivity comes rewards (I.E. bonuses) which should be used as a tool for retaining top notch employees. Remember, when you factor in turnover costs, it’s much cheaper to give someone a raise or bonus than it is to bring on a new hire. Treat the people around you as a valued member of your team, and in return, they’ll do the same.

In improving your customer service, the biggest takeaway is making your employees feel as though they’re having a vested interest in your business. What are some ways you aim to improve this process? Comment with your insights below!

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