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Virtual call centers and today's customer service

21st Feb 2018
Digital Marketer and Technical Content Writer Call Center Hosting
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Latest is going to be relevant, this is not true every time. A technology that is newly arrived in the market cannot be as useful as the previous one that took charge earlier because the new technology takes time to grow in the mindset of the users. 

In the same context, cloud is one of the best technologies that has brought relevancy to the customer support environment. Because role of cloud is unavoidable to everything where data is involved, considerably. 

If we consider the analogy, virtual call centers are the repositories of data which helps to deal with the customers in a much better way. 

Here is how the virtual call centers have become a unique and common platform for customer support.

A Global Customer Base

If you have a customer base that spreads across many countries and you just have to make sure that the need of every single customer is taken care of then the possibility of not being able to meet the customer expectations is likely, if you have not opted for the right technology and right set of people to use it.

Here the significance of the cloud technology and the agents is immense.

The relevance of virtual call centers comes to a real meaning because they give an opportunity to everyone who has the right skills for customer support. An agent can work remotely from anywhere. A computer, a headset, and a good internet connection is enough to cater customer service.

Also, the remote agent can easily be in touch with the call center manager for some meaningful insights. This makes a global team of agents and experts who are always there for the customers.

The most necessary thing is to make sure for every awake customer in a corner of the world, there is an agent who is well equipped with the technology and has the right skills to tackle a customer’s queries.

Arrival Of Artificial Intelligence

The presence of artificial intelligence has proved the significance of technology in the customer support environment effectively. The tools in the customer support environment have become more and more intuitive with times. The IVRs have become more intelligent and the other self-service tools are proving their benefits in a very significant way.

The idea is just to keep one thing in your mind that the customer’s time is always kept in the first priority despite the existing pressure in the customer support environment.

Artificial intelligence has changed the scenario, meaningfully. Apple designed Siri that has been a great source of support for the customers and IBM’s Watson and Microsoft’s Cortana have followed to prove the presence of artificial intelligence in the customer support process.

But the question that has come up with time is, whether artificial intelligence will completely replace the agents or not.

According to a survey by Oxford University, the chances of artificial intelligence replacing the human agent is 50/50. But there is plenty much left yet to happen in the artificial intelligence’s role in the customer support environment.

But the growth in the intelligence of technology may eventually replace the live agent in a powerful way. And the biggest examples are the IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) that have become more intuitive and helpful in terms of a supportive self-help tool.

And the biggest factor that works behind it - is the power of data that has made today’s IVR, a potential time savior for the customers. 

Be There Where the Customers Are

You have a business service and the customers who might be in need of it, may not be aware of it. So to reach out the customers it becomes necessary to make them aware the attributes of the services and how your services exactly fit in their needs.

The call center software is based on the cloud technology and because of the same reason the relevance of data comes into the picture and the best benefits are reaped out of the customer data. The predictive dialers are a lot helpful to tap the right set of customers irrespective of the time zone or country. The algorithm that they are based on helps to zero in the best set of customers for you and lets you start the very first conversation with them. 

The first touch point is the most necessary part to start a conversation with the customers. Predictive dialers are proving it in a very convincing manner.

The Features That Are Customer Centric

Cloud has brought many innovations and for the same reasons, the ideas related to a better customer support system are comprised well by it. The features that come with the virtual call centers carry the customer focus totally intact and converged on the ways of fulfilling needs and the best practices to keep the customer focus well calculated. The idea is to make a customer-centric approach towards the services. 

Maintaining a customer focus does not mean creating a need for him but to understand the need that is there. The methodology of virtual call centers signifies very clearly that the best practices are the ones that give a way towards a solution to a real problem of the customers and virtual call center are well equipped with this. 

Call Centers and Social Media 

Customers use social media very frequently and for various contemporary reasons, the idea of tapping the customers in such online premises, it becomes necessary to keep track of customer preferences and why they prefer a particular space to be at.

The very first reason that comes to the surface is the factor of user-friendliness with a service. Most of the customers use social media to share their experiences on a daily basis. 

In this way, Call centers have become a social media hubs as the customers have been using this platform to give feedbacks and exchange ideas. The cloud-hosted call centers have engaged the customers meaningfully. And to keep this customer engagement purposeful, the data with the call centers help to make the customer engagement more customer-centric.

In this way, the customers get purposefully engaged with the service and it is ensured that the loyal customer base keeps growing with the steady pace.

Cloud is Getting Larger

Anything that suits the contemporary scenario of the market has the best possible benefits attached to it because our needs vary with times and we usually adhere to a technology that fills in the picture perfectly.

Cloud is one such technology that has brought tremendous changes to the way things are being dealt with when it comes to the bulk of data. The ideas related to cloud perfectly synced with the alarming growth of the customers. 

So in this sense, if you have a customer base spread across the continents and you have a bunch of agents to deal with the customers, then the important thing is to make the customer related data count while interacting with them.

Virtual call centers have given big strength to the agents and their relevance is only going to be bigger many folds in the coming future.

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