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11 clever promotion strategies for Black Friday

20th Oct 2016
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The bikes, computers, and TV’s are sitting in warehouses. And the decisions about Black Friday sales prices have been made in board rooms and small offices all over the country. Now it’s time to begin the marketing and promotions for the season, and especially for Black Friday – the day that has almost become a national holiday of its own.

Marketing has changed drastically over the past decade. Of course, the big box retailers still use TV ads and still stuff our mailboxes with their flyers. But more and more, consumers have turned to the web for information about the big deals. And so retailers, big and small, have accommodated them. The challenge becomes one of coming up with really creative and compelling content that will be viewed and shared. Here are some ideas that may get your business on the Internet map.

Email your entire list with an Irresistible Offer

The goal is to get them into your store, whether online or on the street. One amazing offer can often do the trick. Once there, they are likely to look at all of the other great offers and fill up that shopping cart. And you can send out offers every week leading up to Black Friday (and beyond). Be sure to put the offer in the subject line – much better chance of it being opened.

If, as a small business, you cannot compete with the big boys, offer several deals or other incentives. For example, if you cannot meet the price on a bike, offer free assembly – that’s huge for a lot of people.

Service and “Non-Christmassy” Businesses Can Get in on This Too

If you are a plumber, send out an email with coupons for great discounts on service; the same goes if you are a car repair or oil change shop. Other businesses include photographers, hair salons, local or national chain restaurants, etc. Not only can people take advantage of these deals on Black Friday and beyond, but these same discounts can be offered in the form of gift cards for others.

Furniture and bedding are not usually thought of as Christmas items; however, keep in mind that the holidays are a time for guests – parties, out-of-town relatives. People may be looking for stuff that improve their homes. Lots of mattress retailers, for example, run in-store and online promotions on Black Friday, offering sales and additional perks such as free shipping or delivery.

Craft a Holiday Gift Guide to Help Shoppers

One of the most worrisome things for gift buyers is trying to come up with gift ideas for family members and co-workers. If you can publish a gift guide on your site, through emails, and on all of your social media channels, you will win a lot of fans. And give viewers additional discounts for sharing your guides. Offer guides that are gender, age, and price specific. Even service businesses can offer such guides.

Do Good While You Sell

While people are absorbed with their shopping and finding the best deals, they also love to get into the “Christmas Spirit.” That’s why movies such as “Miracle on 34th Street” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” are still shown every single year. People collect canned goods and participate in “Adopt a Family” campaigns to satisfy their need to do good. You can do good too. Support a charity by donating a percentage of each Black Friday purchase; give an additional discount if they buy a toy for a needy child. Spread this news far and wide. Send it in emails, ask all of your social media followers to share the news, and display it prominently on your holiday site landing page.

If You Have Lines

Go out there – dress up, pass out coupons and generate some good will before the doors open.

Buy Now – Make Selection Later

Lots of Black Friday customers come for very specific deals. They also know that they will be shopping throughout December. Get their future business by allowing them to buy a “gift card” now at a discounted price that will be valid through Christmas Eve. You will get them back in or back on your site because they have already paid for whatever gift they ultimately purchase.

Small Business Saturday

You are the little guy. You have promoted your deals and sales too. Now it’s small business Saturday. How have you promoted yourself? You have probably used email and social media, just as the big boys, and perhaps you have put inserts in mailbox flyers. Here are promotions you can use:

Give out Calendars

While this may be a bit expensive, it is an all-year promotion. You can promote yourself on every page for the next 12 months!

Advertise a “Small Business Saturday Chill” Day

Offer cookies and coffee/juice, or some other fine snacks.

Special Discount for “Friends’ Day”

If three shoppers come in together, provide special discounts

Have a “Loyal Customer” Special Shopping Time

Send out an email to your customers offering a special early bird or later evening sale. They receive additional discounts.

Sell Discounted Gift Cards

25% off the card value with a year-long time frame.

Every year, retailers come up with new marketing “gimmicks” and strategies to lure consumers to their doors, online or physical. The bottom line is this: consumers are looking for deals on Black Friday and SMB Saturday. The winners will be those who come up with unique marketing tactics that are spread among online communities and face-to-face friends.

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