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6 Strategies to Maximize Word of Mouth Marketing

15th Nov 2016
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It is becoming more and more clear that customers are spending less time listening to advertisers and more time listening to one another. Because of this, word of mouth marketing is extremely important when it comes to growth and profitability. The following tips will help you to create positive buzz about your brand.

Get Connected With Influencers in Your Industry

Any time someone shares something positive about your company with others, that is a good thing. On the other hand, some voices carry more weight with others. This is why making connections with industry influencers is key. An industry influencer brings with them trustworthiness, gravitas, and an audience. For example, if you sell custom t-shirts to local sports teams, getting positive reviews from parents and athletes is great. Getting a positive review from the athletic director at a local college could be even better.

Make Emotional Connections

Having good products is obviously key when it comes to maximizing word of mouth advertising, but it isn’t enough. Lots of companies are selling what you sell, and they are probably doing as good a job as you. People don’t speak out about companies because of their products or services. They speak out about companies they feel connected with. You can increase emotional connections by:

  • Supporting Good Causes And Letting Your Audience Know About Your Good Deeds
  • Letting Customers Get to Know Your Culture And Values
  • Creating a Brand Persona That is Relatable to Your Audience
  • Encourage User Generated Content

Remember that emotional connections drive loyalty. In turn, loyalty is what turns people into brand ambassadors.

Reach Out to The Community

So much marketing is done online these days that many people forget the importance of establishing a physical presence in the communities where your audience lives and works. If you don’t think that’s important, consider Red Bull. This company regularly sends representatives out into the community to connect directly with their audience. They hand out coupons and free samples in grocery store parking lots and at gas stations. They hold various extreme sporting events. They erect tents and hold giveaways at concerts and other events.

Even if you are a small business, you can benefit from this kind of outreach campaign. Here are just a few things that you can try:

  • Sponsor a little league team.
  • Attend community events and give out swag.
  • Visit local businesses and pass out free samples.
  • Partner with local charities and fraternal organizations.

Offer up Great Customer Service

LL bean has built up an extremely loyal customer base. One of the driving forces behind this is their amazing customer service. Their policies are extraordinarily generous and customer friendly. Essentially, customers may return any item, any time with no questions asked. While many people would question whether or not this policy would encourage not so honest customers to take advantage of the company, the truth is the benefits of these policies has far outweighed the negatives.

Robby Du Toit from Sell House Fast says, “Successful customers service means looking at the big picture. That means not being mired down in petty issues. It also means taking care of customers even when they aren’t very likeable, and avoiding matching wits. I’ve told my team that there may be moments that they feel as if they are being played for fools, but in the end they are creating the kind of good will that we really need as a company.”

You can get people talking about your great customer service by being responsive to complaints and inquiries, giving customers the benefit of the doubt in contentious situations, and always backing your guarantees. In addition to this, creating high quality content that helps customers to solve their problems is also an important part of overall customer service.

Ask Customers to Review Your Products: Then Make it Easy

Online reviews are perhaps the most important form of word of mouth advertising that there is today. This is largely because before they make a purchase, millennials almost always research products online, and peruse product review sites and read customer feedback on sites such as Amazon. How do you get customers to leave positive reviews about your products? That part is actually quite simple. You ask them to. Then, make it easy for them to answer that call to action. Link to the sites where they can leave feedback so that they don’t have to go looking for them. Add a place on your homepage and social media pages for customers who wish to provide a testimonial.

Leverage Your Most Loyal Customers

Identify your most important customers. These are the folks who visit your social media pages on a regular basis. They are the ones who leave comments and engage with you on social media in other ways. They buy your products regularly, and you know that you can rely on them for repeat business. Once you have made a list of these customers, reach out to them personally. Thank them for their loyalty, ask them for their insights, and then give them an incentive to talk about your company even more. This might include exclusive offers, access to gated content, or free products.

Put these tips into action, and you will be able to get word of mouth advertising working for you. Just remember that the most important step to take is to provide your customers with great experiences, to reach out to communities, and to make strong emotional connections.

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