How to Create High Converting Landing Pages

13th Feb 2017

You created what you thought was a great landing page. Unfortunately, when you examine your analytics, the news is not so good. People are making it to your landing page, but not enough of them are following through and answering your call to action.

What should you do? First, keep in mind that all landing pages are different. Not only does each one sell a different product or service, the action each one asks customers to take differs. Because of this, you have to keep your target customer in mind as well as your own unique goals. However, there are a few guiding principles that can be applied to every landing page.

Keep Your Messaging Consistent

When a potential customer surfs into your landing page, they’ve arrived from somewhere. That somewhere could be an add, a suggested Facebook post, even a link from somewhere else on your website. Wherever they’ve come from, they’ve arrived because something you’ve offered has piqued their interest.

This means that up until that point, whatever messaging you used worked. So, don’t mess things up by changing that messaging on your landing page. This means maintaining consistency in your wording, your images, color schemes, and other elements. For example, if you’ve promised a 25% discount in your ad, that should also be the focus of your landing page.

Use Images to Keep People Focused

You already know that including images on your ads, posts, and web pages boost engagement. They also keep people focused on your pages longer. When it comes to landing pages, this can help you to earn even more conversions.

It’s important to keep in mind that not just any images will do. Your landing pages are not the place for stock images or product pictures that you clean up a bit with a photo editor. Invest the time and resources to find or create high quality images and videos to include on your landing pages.

Add Elements of Trust

Trust plays a big role in getting visitors to answer your call to action. Whether you are asking for an email address or a credit card purchase, if your audience doesn’t feel at ease, they aren’t going to convert. The best way to handle this is to add elements of trust to your landing page.

These might include any of the following:

  • Including Positive Customer Reviews And Testimonials. Amerisleep includes customer ratings on pages pushing their products.
  • Trust Badges Indicating That Your Website is Safe or That You Have Earned Some
  • Type of Official Endorsement or Licensing
  • Show Hard Facts Such as Statistics or Studies
  • Get an Endorsement From an Industry Influencer
  • Make it High Quality: Good Design And Well Written Content Matter

Trust leads to customer confidence, an important factor in boosting conversions.

Write an Amazing Headline

Just like an attention getting headline can motivate you to grab a copy of a magazine in the check lane, a great headline can also entice landing page visitors to read further. Spend some time crafting a great headline.

If you can, make sure that your headline contains at least a couple of the following elements:

  • A Number at The Beginning of Your Headline
  • Power Words
  • Relevant Keywords
  • Enticing Adjectives

Coschedule headline analyzer is a great tool for providing feedback on the potential effectiveness of your headline.

Make Your CTA Button Pop

If you choose to A/B test only one element on your landing pages, it should be your call to action button. Tests have shown over and over again that CTA button color, text, and placement can have a major impact on your conversion rates. The one element that does stand out consistently is that prominent CTA buttons are more likely to get customers to convert.

However, what that means for your audience and your landing pages can vary. This is why split testing can help you to identify which changes are earning you the best results.

Explain The Benefits Not The Features

How will people benefit from answering your call to action? Will it make their lives easier, save them time, or help them save money? By answering questions like this on your landing pages, you will earn more conversions than you will by detailing features.

For example, let’s say you are trying to get people to sign up to attend a webinar. There, you will be giving a presentation on a small business, startup kit that you have created. Rather than detailing each element of your presentation, simply tell customers how they will benefit. It doesn’t matter if your product includes business plan templates, mentoring from successful entrepreneurs, and a free ebook on pitching investors. Those details can come later. Your landing page should focus on the benefits! “Learn to Take Your Business From Conception to Launch in 30 Days”. That simple statement sums up what you have to offer and how someone can benefit from clicking your CTA button.

Trust, visual appeal, consistency, and maintaining focus on benefits over features are the key elements of high converting landing pages. Make sure that you have these elements covered when creating your landing pages, and you will see your conversion rates soar.

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By Cenk
12th Mar 2017 16:55

Thanks for your post, dilabrien!
You're absolutely right when sayin that a landing page should contain only benefits a customer will get. It attracts more attention than an ordinary list of features people don't read till the end just because it's boring.
Lots of small businesses make a huge mistake by investing money into ads but saving on good landings. As a professional designer I've seen soo many ugly websites while the product they sell is quite good. Even if a businessman doesn't want to waste funds on hiring a specialist he/she has some resources to make an image on the landing attractive. Of course, it'd take some time but the result is worthy. Here's my list of tools that may be helpful:

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