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Tips for improving customer engagement with video

30th Jun 2017
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Did you know that Facebook users watch over 8 billion videos each day now? The power and popularity of video is only going to increase from there.  Predictions are that by 2020 80% of all internet traffic will be video. This doesn’t only reflect people sharing videos among friends and family members. Many successful brands are finding creative ways to use video to improve customer engagement. The following tips will help you to use video to boost engagement.

Create Videos That Feature Interesting People

Ultimately, people connect with people above all else. You can increase engagement with customers by creating videos that feature people. Use video to profile people in your organization that have a compelling story to share. Solicit video testimonials and stories from customers. Just remember that sincerity and great camera presence are key.

Signal Boost Other Content With Video

Use video as a tool to plug other content. Record a video introduction to a blog post. Film a customer testimonial on the benefits of downloading one of your whitepapers. Build a relationship with a thought leader in  your industry, and ask them to do a quick video review of something you’ve posted. Go back into your content archives, and find some how to posts. Dust them off and liven them up by combining them with a video demonstration.

Match Videos to Sales Funnel Position

Personalize the customer experience and nudge people down the funnel by serving up videos that are relevant to their current sales funnel position. For customers in the very early stages, focus on videos that introduce your company, share your story, and communicate your values. As customers progress through the purchasing journey use product demonstration videos, testimonials, tips and techniques videos, and other video content that is more targeted.

Keep Them Short

One of the best things about video is that it is the one form of content where customers are most likely to fully consume what you offer. However, it is important to note that shorter videos, two minutes or less are most likely to be watched from beginning to end. They also generate the most engagement. One thing you may notice about short yet compelling videos is that they get right to the point and immediately hook the viewer.

Keep in mind that no matter how long or short your videos are, production values matter. If corporate video production is not one of your areas of expertise it may be a good idea to bring in a professional. Using a high quality, professional video production house isn’t an expense. It’s an investment with a measurable ROI.

Use Emotion to Make an Impact

Every video you create or curate shouldn’t be about your people, your products, or your services. Many brands are increasing engagement by sharing videos that make an emotional impact. These are videos that are touching, joy inducing, or that make people lean in.

For example, if your brand supports a charitable initiative, share videos that the charity has created on your social media feeds. Of course, if you can manage to create or share a video with great video impact that does tie in with one of your products, that’s great. GoPro managed to do just that. A firefighter wearing a GoPro caught video of himself resuscitating a kitten after a house fire. The company edited the video and released it as Fireman Saves Kitten.

Take The AMA to Video

Reddit’s AMA threads are extraordinarily popular. Not only do ordinary people with interesting experiences and stories to share use this to reach people, but so do CEOs, inventors, entrepreneurs, actors, artists, and musicians. AMAs have been used to launch products, open new businesses, discuss upcoming movie releases, etc.

Combine the existing AMA concept with live streaming video and you can create something magical. Invite audience members to your video feed. Then, allow them to ask questions about your products, your personal story, the history of your company, plans for the future, and more.

Just be prepared to field a few tough questions. You never know when someone who has had a negative experience or just has an axe to grind might appear. That’s okay. Handle this the right way, and you will impress your existing audience. You might even win back a disgruntled, former customer.

Use Facebook And Video Together to Target Compelling Ads to The Right Audience

Thanks to its targeting features, Facebook is a great platform for video advertising. For example, you can target videos to using geolocation, industry, and a host of demographic details. There’s even a tracking pixel that you can use to show videos only to people who  have previously spent time on your website. This is perfect for retargeting.

There’s no denying it. Video has emerged as the most popular and most engaging variety of content. It receives the most shares, earns the most traffic, and is most likely to get customers more engaged. By using the tips here, you can maximize your use of video and connect with your audience more than ever.

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