Web Design vs. SEO Finding the Balance

Dorian Travers
Internal Marketing Strategist
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Web designers and SEO experts constantly find themselves at odds when collaborating to create a new website.  While most web designers are concerned with creativity and the flow of a website, they are less likely to care about rankings and SEO techniques.  SEOs on the other hand find fault with the web designers for making their jobs more difficult with coding for websites that doesn’t allow for easy implementing of SEO techniques.

What both sides need to realize is that neither one is going away soon, and the best way to combat the problem is to work together to design a website that looks great and still ranks high in search engine results.  Clients for both web designers and any search engine advertising company are looking for you to be able to put aside your differences and give them the best of both worlds.  They want websites that bring in visitors, and the ability to convert those visitors into sales for their company.

Negative Relationships Equals Poor Work

It may come as no surprise, but the problem typically lies with those who aren’t doing their job the right way, both web designers and SEO experts.  Because people have the tendency to focus on the negative, it may seem that the entire profession is being attacked, when in reality, it is just a few people who give the industry a bad name.  In order to facilitate a positive working relationship between the two industries, both sides must realize the value in the other’s work, and give credit where credit is due.

Fixing The Problem

With the problem being identified, what is the solution to an issue that makes life difficult for each professional who is looking to please a client?  The first step to creating a positive working environment is to help your clients understand that they need both industries in order to create a website that is profitable and popular.  In order for clients to rank high in search engine results, they must have a website that looks great, and also utilizes SEO techniques in order to get the attention they deserve.

It’s also important for each industry to utilize their best practices to ensure that they are giving each client the best service, and the best chance to succeed.  If web designers and SEO experts give their best work to their clients, the web becomes a better place for all professionals.  With higher quality content and design, Internet users are better served with the things they need, and are ultimately happier with your clients.  It’s a win-win-win circle for everyone involved.

Best Practices For Web Designers

The following are important practices that each web designer must follow to facilitate a positive relationship between you, your clients, and any SEO experts who are working with the same clients.

·      Fully embrace the mobile approach. This will help you create a website that is easy to use for any SEO working the same site.

·      Create a site that loads quickly on a mobile device.  You may hear that ten seconds is the standard set within the industry, but if your site can load in five seconds or less, you’ve created a product that is better than average.

·      Use search suggestions in within-site search, and whenever possible, convert each search into navigation.

·      Create sites that are readable for users.  Avoid fonts that break when text-only zoom is used.

·      Rely on the latest web standards when designing any new website.

·      Think about those who are limited in ability, such as those who are visually impaired, when designing your website.

Best Practices For SEO Experts

Similarly, the following best practices apply to any SEO expert looking to make the life of a web designer easier.

·      Use keywords intelligently.

·      Obtain research on keywords that are mobile specific.

·      Use multiple forms of inbound marketing tools (guest blogging, video content and infographics) to build quality links and diversify your link profile.

·      Put your focus on creating relevant and high-quality links from reputable sources.

·      Learn how to integrate social into your campaign to optimize user experience.

·      Educate yourself on Google Plus Authorship.

Building The Greater Good

With both sides committed to giving their best practices to each and every client they work for, both web designers and SEO experts will find their jobs getting easier, and their clients growing even more satisfied with their service.  If both sides can agree that the other is necessary, and not allow the poor work of a few to damage an entire profession, the Web will quickly become a happier place for all.

About Dorian Travers

About Dorian Travers

Dorian Travers is the Internal Marketing Strategist at digital marketing firm, Wpromote and has always had a particular interest in marketing and coming up with creative ways to help businesses grow.


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