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How to protect your customer data

30th Aug 2018
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Data breaches and hacks have become more popular in the recent years. Due to the increase in technology and access to using these, there have been more problems with hackers accessing customer’s data from big companies around the world. It is important that companies are doing everything they can to help protect their customer data.

Encrypt Customer Data

Although this is very simple, many businesses and companies don’t actually encrypt their customer’s details. This information can include personal information including names, address and band details. If data and information are not encrypted if a company is hacked and they have not used encryption tools, there is more chance of data falling into the wrong hands.

Make Staff Aware

Training staff in the best practices in customer data protection is one of the best ways to help improve the protected of customer data. Employees can be trained in a wide range of different areas within a business to help them understand different hacking scenarios such as suspicious emails. They can also learn what to do if they see anything suspicious including how to report it and what to do in the situation.

Use a Secure Network

Using a secure network will make sure that all customer data is safe and protected. Many companies choose the cheaper options when it comes to a network and server, however, this can increase the risk of customer data getting hacked.

Back Up Data

If data becomes hacked by ransomware which is a type of malware that blocks access to the data until a ransom is given, data can easily be lost. If you have data backed up then you will be able to have a secure backup option in case the network and data gets hacked. Backing up data will help protect networks and sensitive customer data, you can find out more about this at GA Systems.

Use Strong Passwords

To ensure all accounts are clear, passwords should be very strong. This helps to keep accounts secure and less chance of them becoming hacked. All companies advise passwords to be at least eight characters long and include a mix of numbers and letters. It is also advised to have a capital letter, symbol and be more than just a simple word. So to help protect customer data, make sure passwords are more than just four letter, easy to remember passwords.  Whenever I make a new account, I have been given instructions on how to make   a strong a secure password which includes add a mix of numbers and letters and using symbols and capital letters.

Always Have a Backup / Disaster Plan

If all else fails they have a backup plan when disaster strikes. With important information and data, it is important that you are prepared for anything and everything to happen. Customer data hacks are one of the most popular problems in recent years with customer information. A number of big companies have had their customer data accessed and hacked. It is important that ay business or company that deals with any customer data is prepared for problems. The best way to do so is by developing a disaster strategy plan, which can help with any major problems relating to hacking, data entry errors and other errors that can impact the safety of customer data. I always use backup plans for anything computer related, you never know when something will break!

It is the business's responsibility to ensure all customer data is protected and secure. To make sure that businesses are protecting their customers, they need to be honest with how the data is collected, stored, used and protected. With the rise of hacks on customer data, it is the business's responsibility to ensure the data is secure to make the customers feel about the security of the data and personal information.

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