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The best of creative advertising

25th Apr 2017
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Every year there are a few marketing campaigns that stand out in your mind – whether you recognize the campaign as it is happening, or whether it’s only now, looking back, that you realize the reason behind that odd or wonderful occurrence was in fact advertising.

During a time where you can’t unlock your phone screen without seeing an advertisement, or hop on the bus, or pick up a newspaper, the relentless attitude and untargeted nature of some advertising campaigns can get overwhelming. However, sometimes the traditional forms are far less invasive than some modern techniques – think billboards, print advertisements, or radio ads. Advertising gets particularly eerie around about the time when your digital footprints come back to haunt you and that one time you Googled “how to prevent hair loss” at home on your laptop, now has alarming sidebar ads popping up on your work computer.

The business landscape has altered a lot over the years. Many facets of business have shifted from traditional to digital, but throughout this, a lot of e-commerce companies have found creative ways to maintain their personal approach when it comes to marketing their brand. This is particularly the case with social media advertising, but offline forms of branding are still proving effective, such as cleverly branded product packaging solutions.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite creative campaigns of 2016:


In late 2016, Spotify, one of the biggest music streaming services worldwide, did a series of billboard designs around the world that certainly stopped people in their tracks. Based on a weird and the wonderful collection of user data, the advertisements were titled “Thanks 2016, it’s been weird”. Some of the captions read as follows:

“Dear 3,749 people who streamed “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” the day of the Brexit vote… Hang in there”

“Dear person who made a playlist called “One Night Stand with Jeb Bush like He’s a Bond Girl in a European Casino”… We have so many questions.

“Dear person who played “Sorry” 42 times on Valentine’s Day… What did you do?”

Airbnb/The Art Institute of Chicago

Airbnb has made a huge improvement in the last year or two in terms of social media and advertising. Their Instagram posts are enough to make you want to transport to the apartment in question instantly. Last year, in an unlikely pairing, Airbnb teamed up with the Art Institute of Chicago, which created a 3D replica of Vincent van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles painting, in which Airbnb guests could spend a night.


Depending on your location, year round billboards with H&M adverts can be seen everywhere. Past collaborations with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Beyoncé and David Beckham have all made quite the impact, but last year’s Christmas commercial with renowned director Wes Anderson took the biscuit. In his usual quirky playfulness with symmetry and color, the H&M winter line was displayed in all its glory.

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By Wilges
06th Oct 2017 07:54

I agree that online advertising could invade your privacy sometimes and this is why a group of people still prefer the old fashioned print ads. Though we might think that print ads may longer be applicable to today's modern era, there is still a certain percentage of people who view them everyday. Thus, we cannot fully eliminate this form of advertising because it still has its own advantages. It can still reach out to a certain group of target audience which means it will not cease to exist.

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