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How to Become an Influence Marketer on Instagram

29th Aug 2018
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One the most popular social media platforms right now, Instagram, is a virtual gallery that allows users to collect and share images online. Users can look for galleries from other users to search new things and ideas as well as get inspiration. For example, you can check out Instagram when you want to look for vacation ideas, how you can decorate your home, or if they want to see favorite fashion items by other people, including influencers.

Are you thinking of becoming an influence marketer on Instagram and tap small businesses or companies? You’re about to tap into a booming market.

But first you have to understand that Instagram influence marketing is different from other social media platforms. Unlike Twitter and Facebook, Instagram is rather low-key and self-paced insofar as reaching other people and getting the word out on products and services.

Having a good plan for your Instagram initiatives will help you attain your goals and objectives. Here are some tips how you can be a good influence marketer on Instagram.


Look for Your Own Niche

Instagram has 500 million users per month. Because you are just one in at least 500 million, uploading Instagram posts about your latest selfies and meals are simply not going to cause any waves.

What many successful influencers have done (and even the social media platform’s own advice) is to look for your own niche. It is very crucial that your online posts and even your accounts all belong to a niche and not just post random pictures of anything and everything you take.

You can select from general niches such as street photography, travel photos, black and white images, or fashion and beauty. The magic there is to pick a niche and stick with it. Influencers can even select narrower niches such as street photos from Tokyo or food photos of Italian cuisine. It would also be helpful if your account shows you as a master of a specific trade and not somebody as a jack-of-all-trades.


Engage with Instagram Users

Instagram is a community. Thus, it is very crucial that Instagram influencers engage and interact with other users of the Instagram community. A good way to achieve that is by giving “likes” and providing good feedback in the comments of users. You can also follow other people who may be interested in the niche you selected by using appropriate hashtags.

After some time, your strategy of expanding your influence should move beyond liking and dropping comments. It is important you give unique and sincere comments that really show your opinion on the post.

In addition, influencers can tag other people in your posts if you think the post is something that may be of interest to them. Do not be afraid to share content posted by other people that you think falls under the category of your interest.


Choose Hashtags

Hashtags are used for a wider classification of content, making it quicker for other people on Instagram to find relevant posts. As an influencer, you must also know that some new visitors will discover your Instagram posts through hashtags. In short, you must not write hashtags haphazardly. It is important you pick hashtags smartly.

When using hashtags make sure they reflect the niche you are in as well as the content of what you are posting. In addition, if you are an influencer in niche categories such as travel photography, you can also geotag, putting in the location as one of your hashtags. Select shorter hashtags without any confusing symbols.

Show Consistency

People always like consistency. This also applies to Instagram and other social media platforms. If you are thinking of posting pictures as an influencer, you have to craft a regular schedule for your posts. Do not just post whenever you feel doing it. It is recommended to post every day or once in two days.

If you plan to post several photos every day, then you have make sure your posts do not exceed over three. As an influencer, you do not want people to look at you as needy and in serious need of attention in Instagram.

Likewise, keeping a steady tone and look in your visual pins is also beneficial for you as an influencer. You may want to consider using the same filter, similar camera angles, or imposing a uniform and unique color agenda across all the photos you post. A consistent look in your posts will make your Instagram account look beautiful and clean.


Post Good Content

If you want to be seen as a credible influence marketer, you must always post good content. This seems pretty obvious, but a lot of people still post blurry, out-of-focus, poorly-lit, and grainy images. Photos that have filters get more likes and interactions compared with those that have no filters.

What separates an ordinary Instagram account from a great one always lies on content quality. Although Instagram is a smartphone application, using a good, proper camera such as a DSLR can give influencers an additional advantage.

You can also edit photos using professional editing tools. Compare the analytics data with the different types of good content to see which social media activity is more productive for future ideas and content planning.


Use Site Analytics Tools

A good way of becoming an effective influencer on Instagram is to understand how other users interact with and engage your account. Instagram influencers can use site analytics tools to get valuable user insight, which they can use to improve their game on Instagram.

Good marketers use analytics tools and apps to delve into the numbers and statistics, which can be then used to improve your strategy and get higher user interaction and engagement. Nowadays there are apps that can provide you the best tags for the photos you are about to post. Such tools can also give you the most popular and trending tags in each category.

Some apps will show influencers the ideal times when they can post their pictures to get higher user engagement and get reminders when it is posting time.

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