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How to make emotional connections through big data

17th Mar 2017
Ethical "White Hat" Hacker
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Many brands continue to struggle with making a real connection with their audience to drive loyalty, engagement and ultimately better conversion. With so much effort put into curating great content, is the popularity of various social media strategies hurting or helping brands come up with promotions that cater to a rich social media profile? Is this enough to build lasting brand loyalty from an eager customer base?  Is there really more to social media than just regularly posting and promoting your content to your followers to keep them interested?  With so many new brands emerging and coming up with creative ways to capture the attention of their social media audience, maybe the true battle lies not in capturing their attention but their heart.


This is where a customer’s emotional connections come in. In reality, many brands and companies fail to consider the potential of focusing on creating real connections with their customers instead of just conversion. Today’s marketing strategies have changed so much with the availability of automated advertising tools and features that looking closely into real customer sentiments are often ignored.


There is so much that a brand can gain from being able to foster long term relationships with their customers. At the end of the day, it is making real emotional connections with your customers that ultimately drives long term conversion and improves your ROI.

According to a report from the New Science of Customer Emotions, the more a customer’s relationship with a particular brand deepens, the more they feel an emotional connection with the brand. Their value to the brand increases in conjunction to their brand loyalty. Since loyal customers also lead to better sales conversion, investing in creating a lasting emotional connection with your customers and working on your brand’s long-term value may be the smarter choice rather than investing in expensive advertising campaigns.

How do you make a real connection with your audience?

The best way to create a real connection with your customers is by engaging them in actual conversations. Thank your loyal customers and get to know them. They may hold valuable information about your brand and share their insights on how they can improve your services for the better.


The changing times have made it easier for us to collect data that used to take years. Now it is easier to gather customer data from social media channels to better understand their needs and what is relevant to them.

What is social network aggregation?

Social network aggregation which is the process of collecting user content from different social media channels into one single location can now be done through social media aggregator tools such as Hootsuite.There is so much information that you can gain from how your customers behave in social media. Every like and share holds a wealth of information about who your customers are and what they feel about your brand.

Apps like Hootsuite Insight makes it easier to gather customer data from different social media channels in real time. This can help brands gain some insight about their customer's emotions and look into conversations that revolve around your brand.

Hootsuite uses machine learning technology to better understand user sentiments or emotions. Hootsuite measures sentiments according to a user's description about a particular product, service, or experience. Based on keywords, Hootsuite is able to measure and differentiate positive from negative experiences.

How do we gather customer sentiments and use this to build better connections? Here are some things to watch out for.

  • Determine brand health. By analyzing customer emotions on social media regularly, you can easily evaluate your brand health based on the data you gather about how majority of your customers feel about your company, product or service. This means you don't have to look into every mention of your brand on social media to accurately predict the general consensus.


  • Prevent a crisis. By taking note of your customer's sentiment levels, you can easily identify any significant changes in your brand health. This may entail customer dissatisfaction and you can look into this more closely by checking mentions and identifying the root cause of the problem so you can draft solutions quickly before it evolves into a big problem that could impact profitability for your brand.


  • Check out the competition. By being in the know with your customer's general sentiments and emotions, you can easily spot your biggest competitors based on mentions and comparisons with your brand. Knowing how your audience feels about your top competitors allows you to better position yourself to be always be a step ahead and be prepared for whatever strategies they may use to bring a shift to customer preferences.


  • Get insights to brand performance. Having access to your audience's sentiments through social media aggregator apps like Hootsuite gives you firsthand knowledge of how well your brand is performing in terms of promotional campaigns or product launches. Hootsuite sentiment data from your brand’s social media channels can help determine how successful these launches are and if they are taken positively by your customers. Having access to this data helps you to better prepare for future projects and draft marketing strategies that cater more to your customer’s preferences.


For brands that are looking for more creative ways to build brand awareness and get more insight into their customer’s needs, it is critical to consider that many social media aggregator apps and other analytics tools are available which can run user reports and get customer data which can help them gain some insight into what social media marketing strategies may work for their customers. It is also worthy to note that you no longer have to focus solely on content creation and product promotions to build brand loyalty. It is in taking time to learn more about your customers, responding to their messages and finding time to foster a relationship with them though real communication on social media that can help set the tone for how they will respond to your brand in the long run.

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