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Simple tips to increase landing page conversions

22nd Mar 2017
Ethical "White Hat" Hacker
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So, you’ve designed a landing page that follows all the best practices and are spending money on pay per click marketing.  You read lots of articles, used great templates and you know it’s solid landing page that’s getting you conversions.  But are you getting everything out of that perfectly designed landing page?  Or is there still more you can do?  

Let’s discuss 5 overlooked techniques to get more out of your best performing landing pages.

  1. Set Form Fields to Auto-Select

When a user hits your landing page and you have a pop-up form for them to fill out, don’t make the user move the cursor to click in the place to start typing.  

Instead, have the cursor already in the box for them so they can just start typing in the information. Don’t let their thoughts be distracted by finding and moving their cursor to the starting point, have it ready for them and lead them to more conversions.

This small detail can be accomplished in 2 ways depending on how you design your page.  If you use a builder for your landing page, enable auto focus on that page.  Otherwise some simple additions to your javascript can accomplish the same thing.

  1. Use Exit Pop Ups

Not to be confused with maddening pop ups that slow down the user experience, exit pop ups are different and an important way to at least get a lead generated and not completely lose the traffic leaving your site.

Exit pop ups use a little bit of extra javascript to know when a user’s mouse is about to leave the page.  At that point, you can send up one last attempt with a pop up targeted to them.  

Perhaps it can address an apparent reason why they might be leaving the page to try and still get a conversion from them.  But it can also be a pop up designed to get a lead from them, or offer a one-click opportunity to download some relevant information, get a demo, or personalized consultation.

Yes, the wrong pop ups can seriously detract from the user’s experience, but this one comes in just when they are about to leave you, and if designed well, will create a little extra value from your landing page.

  1. Short Surveys

Surveys are designed to capture information about the user experience with your landing page.  Quantitative data about pageviews, time on page and conversions are important, but you also need to qualitative data to optimize the user experience.  This includes feedback, usability, and checking to see if they understand what your web page is about.

With surveys, you may discover a divide between what you think your landing page portrays and what the user thinks from their end.  Do they really understand what it is you provide?  This is information that can be gathered from short surveys of your visitors.

These surveys don’t have to be obtrusive pop ups, they can be set to appear on the bottom or over to the side, mostly out of the user's’ way.  

If the survey results show the visitors aren’t getting the message you intended.  Then you have learned that your messaging needs to be refined.  

You can even at that point try out different test pages and compare the survey results to see which is more effective.  

Depending on your market, surveys can even be used to learn about and refine your pages based on who most of your users are.  Is it doctors coming to your webpage, or nurses?  Use a survey to find out.

  1. Don’t be Afraid of Re-Marketing

The exit pop up tries to take advantage of users just before they leave, re-marketing addresses users who did.  You may already have spent lots of money on high cost keywords, remarketing lets you reconnect with the users you found with those high cost keywords, but at significantly less cost.

In any marketing, you want to build your brand.  One of the important ways of doing this is by building familiarity with you, and remarketing to users you already captured once is great way to do this.  

Keep your re-marketing focused on users who might be interested. You can do this by setting up javascript to only remarket to users who spent at least a set amount of time on your landing page, perhaps 30 seconds or more.

  1. Optimize Post Conversion Prompting

So, you just go a conversion on your landing page?  A landing page conversion was your goal, and these are leads who are interested in your offer and probably receptive to receiving more.

Now you need to capitalize on that to get a second conversion through a few methods.

First, make sure the page after your landing page is just as thought out and relevant as your home landing page.  Nothing could be worse than bringing them to a blank page or a page that is irrelevant.

The second thing to do is take advantage of sending out a follow-up email.  This is a good chance to solidify the relationship you just built and to offer other relevant conversion opportunities.

Another way to do this is to prompt them to download something, like a white paper, and offer a free demo.  Then follow that up with an email offering the same prompt about a free demo.

Overall, optimizing your post conversions prompts can really help you get more value out of your conversions and get the most out of your price per clicks.

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