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5 ways AI helps improve customer experience

16th Oct 2019
Marketing Analyst Blue Mail Media Inc
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5 Ways AI Helps Improve Customer Experience

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not going to take over the world, as many people fear. They are simply here to augment what is already there. They are super helpful in accomplishing tasks that might be too repetitive or mundane for human beings. AI possesses human intelligence but at a much larger scale. 

In some cases, AI can even surpass human intelligence and give you more precision. For any business to succeed, you must create an engaging experience.

As your business broadens, you will require more personalized interaction with your customers, and this is where AI excels. It can effectively perform those actions that will otherwise require multiple team members.

So how exactly does AI help you? Here are five reasons it can provide first-class customer experience.

1. Data Mining:

AI can search and contain a massive amount of customer data. It can comprehend complex data, organize, integrate, contain, and translate it to produce insights from the collected data.

Apart from AI's tremendous value for cost-effectiveness and time, its most powerful contribution is building the customer experience strategy of your company. Surveys, product usage, and conversations all possess a lot of info about what your customers want, but it is extremely difficult for humans to comprehend this massive amount of data. 

It can extract quantitative from qualitative data quicker and smoother than any human. They can also examine patterns that humans cannot even think of. 

2. Customer Satisfaction:

AI can support a large number of your customers round the clock without an actual human employee. That is why AI-supported chatbots are increasingly being utilized at the forefront of customer engagement. Using chatbots can help understand your customer needs by identifying more complex issues while ensuring that the right people are looking at them.

These AI-powered chatbots can effectively engage in conversations with your customers, suggest appropriate data, and assist with every problem throughout your entire customer lifecycle. This makes it possible for your customers to receive the right information at the right time without the need to wait long in the hopes of being received by a customer support executive. This can drastically enhance your customer satisfaction.

3. User Experience:

When it comes to customizing user experience, AI is proving to be indispensable. Mega companies like Netflix and Amazon have been successfully utilizing AI to inspect customer data and personalize products for their users. The introduction of AI has drastically strengthened recommendation engines. Instead of a system figuring out that someone has bought something from a particular category, AI can instead provide services or products with more precision. 

Thanks to their ability to gather data from numerous sources, AI can factor info like personal preferences, events, weather, and location to provide the most suitable content to your customers. This will allow your company to gather more specific info about your customers and customize particular material for them.

4. Customer Friction:

AI can also help figure out where customer friction occurs and where experience needs a helping hand. It does not need to scrutinize endless transcripts like a human; they can quickly narrow down the most asked questions, and the ones where customers are not getting satisfactory answers.

AI can also help simplify the customer experience that may otherwise be hard to maneuver. Your company will be able to mend customer friction quickly before it gets out of hand. AI provides real-time customer interaction like no other. 

By helping companies understand the collected data and prioritize specific areas of customer experience, you can drastically improve these experiences with a much more detailed decision-making process. 

5. Personality Matching:

Some customers enjoy long chats while others prefer straight answers; AI is becoming increasingly competent at collecting data about preferences with behavioral analytics. It can set up a customer's personality profile, which will establish the agent routing procedure. In customer experience, it is essential to know how your customers like to engage. AI can successfully collect the relevant data about your customers and connect them with the most suitable communication tool or agent available.


With their ability to comprehend complex data, store a massive amount of information, and enhance the customer experience, it would be foolish to avoid AI in operating any company. They are not here to take our jobs but improve our skills and expertise.

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