When data-driven marketing should start in the pub

Emily Nicholls
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As you scale the ranks of a retailer’s organisation, everyone uses different measures to judge the success of their responsibilities. As senior level executives are running the company based on metrics that speak to the health of the company, their subordinates are often times looking at metrics that fail to align to those same goals, but rather are role/practice focused. 
Jim Novo, Principal at The Drilling Down Project, often refers to a “common measuring stick.” There should be cohesion in measuring of business critical KPIs that serves as the goals for the entire organisation. If those metrics don’t exist, then maybe we need to create them 
Become data driven. It starts with finding a good pub and scheduling an offsite for leadership and key contributors. You discuss 2 sets of metrics; strategic metrics (those that are irrefutable and enduring drivers of business growth) and tactical metrics (that address current opportunities or challenges, yet still align to strategic goals). Every key contributor is charged with reporting on existing metrics (tratactical tactical), and developing a path of measurement of new metrics. This exercise provides transparency and alignment to business drivers, creates transparency and accountability, allows the team to applaud success and address/focus on short comings. This extends from EVP/C level execs through managers. 
Record set
A US retailer extended Loyalty Program award notification into their website, letting shoppers know they have a $10 certificate to use. 
Peaked at a 10x conversion increase before settling at a 7x. That said, the goal was bolstering LTV - which early results are indicating a 38%  increase in spend for the 12 months post the transaction.
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