2 unique ways to find customer feedback

11th Nov 2019

According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, the simple act of asking for customer feedback keeps customers from churning - and encourages them to come back for more. In other words, a customer-centric approach to collecting feedback can increase customer satisfaction and customer retention rate. A win-win for everyone.

But how can insights and market research teams collect consumer information? Especially at scale. While this task may be difficult, it is essential to the integrity of a brand. Here are two unique ways to approach the problem, and discover new or even surprising customer data in the process. 

1. Uncover non-traditional customer feedback

You’re hungry for data, and analytics tools can’t keep up. How can you scrape customer data organically?

Social media features like Facebook reactions, Facebook Messenger surveys, and Instagram story polls provide crude forms of customer feedback that may not be available elsewhere. According to MarketGrowth, 9 out of 10 customers enjoy taking feedback surveys in Facebook Messenger. This strategy can be a great way to increase customer engagement to drive survey responses. It can also be helpful to perform market segmentation (the process of subdividing your customer base) in this process, which can steer the direction of your customer feedback strategy based on needs.

2. Audit your customer feedback toolbox

Some survey tools are free, but not comprehensive. Determine the value and capabilities of your current resources, and decide if upgrading to a premium plan - or ditching your standard market research tools - is a good choice for your team. If organization is the main issue in gathering customer feedback, consider installing a dashboard for analytics.

Summing Up Unique Customer Feedback Strategies 

Before you begin, let your customers know why you need their feedback. It’s always best to start a request with an introduction - in this case, it might be to offer your customer a gift card or discount code for participating.

Maybe they just subscribed or made a purchase. Maybe you are exploring a new idea and want to know what they think. Maybe you implemented a few changes to some of your processes. When you let customers in on your business decisions and motivations, they will feel involved and your brand will become top-of-mind.

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