Enhance your multichannel customer care standards

21st Nov 2017

Seamless communication strategies hold the key behind successful customer retainment and expansion of your market. It is necessary to come up with a strong customer support strategy, ready to cater to their requirements. A multichannel call centre, with adequate technologies, can help you establish the desired bond with your customers. Most of the business firms outsource their call centre services. When you have a multichannel customer care desk, you need to monitor the quality of services through various parameters. Here are certain guidelines that will enable you to leverage the standards of your multichannel customer services.

Allow your customers to choose the channels

It is important to provide your clients with the freedom to choose the channel of communication they prefer. You should strive to get the issue resolved within that particular channel. For instance, if your client Tweets, you should reply back on the same platform, rather than requesting him to call back. In case you set up a new channel, make sure to educate your customers to use it in the right way.

Maintaining the context across various channels

 At times, clients prefer to switch to a different channel. In these cases, you should take adequate measures to retain the context across various channels of service. The clients should not have to encounter the same problem over and over when they use different channels. This measure will help you to enhance the experience of your clients, personalizing it according to their needs. So, ensure implementation of adequate multi-channel customer service strategy.

Optimize the shopping journey of your customers

Clients expect swift services when it comes to call center support. You need to provide them with an infrastructure that enables them to buy the products easily and quickly. Focus on how you can provide your consumers with the best shopping experience. It is necessary to know the profile and age of your consumers and the problem they are willing to solve. Take a note of the devices they are using and streamline the shopping experience of your customers. Besides, the agents should be ready to answer any question that the clients may ask. This will enhance the satisfaction level of your customer and increase your productivity.

Crowdsourcing customer services

Crowdsourcing customer services are one of the most effective ways to enhance the quality of multilingual customer support. Today, various organizations are coming up with self-service platforms for their users. Their websites contain FAQs and user forums, where the users can interact, share their problems and discuss common issues. You can also use social media to crowdsource customer services. However, you need to ensure fast response to the reactions of people on social media platforms. It will keep them engaged and motivated. In fact in the present scenario, social media support is inevitable.

Change attitude towards multichannel platforms

In most of the cases, company policies hinder the use of multichannel support service facilities to the optimum extent by involuntarily overseeing importance of customer experience. The work-culture, goals of the employees and other factors come into play in determining the use of these platforms. You need to eliminate all these issues from the process to ensure a seamless customer journey. Often, business firms incorporate policies that determine the employees responsible for a particular type of users experience. It is important to focus on the experience of your users as a comprehensive whole. Successful companies evaluate the expectations of their users and provide the support accordingly.

Focus on the most important channels

 Well, it may not be possible for the contact centre to deal with the queries of customers effectively across all the channels. In these cases, you need to focus on the channels that successfully establish communication between your company and the customers. Eliminate other customer support channels, or try to improve the services on those channels. You need to strategize your plan well and come up with a central plan. Employ well-trained agents to provide the necessary support on the important channels.

Use channels that are relevant to your customer base

Assess the comfort level of your customers when you incorporate the channels on your platform. They should be relevant to your customer base. For instance, younger generations are more comfortable with social media. Older users prefer direct phone calls. Besides, a large number of business firms are using chatbots on their websites these days.  You need to hire adequate personnel to take care of your customers on these platforms. The choice of right channel will keep the users engaged, resulting in better interaction with the company. It will help you to establish a favourable rapport with your customers.

Ensure optimum quality of service across all channels

You need to ensure the best quality of services across all the channels. The problem with a large section of companies is that, they focus primarily on phone calls, while the other platforms remain ignored. With the growth of your customer base, their tastes and preferences will also diversify. It is necessary to train up your staff in handling different channels simultaneously. Customers often opt for multiple channels at the same time. They may be calling you over the phone and sharing files over chat instantaneously. You should have the right personnel at the desk to deal with these situations; assigning right people is one of the basic answering queries tips.

Provide human support to your customers when they need

Automated voice support is used to solve the problems of users most of the time. It has been estimated, that by 2020, business organizations will manage around 85% of their customer interactions through machines. However, customers expect to talk to humans and you need to provide them with the facility when they want. A large section of your customers value personal communication with the agents. The essence of ‘human touch’ has to be retained when you provide customer care services.

 Evaluate the circumstances before incorporating new channels

Before you integrate any new channel on your platform, do adequate research about the acceptance of the same. The most common channels used in customer care services are email & chat support, social media and voice support. Make sure whether you need a new channel or not, assess its utility and percentage of users willing to switch to that channel.

These guidelines will enable you to improve the quality of your multichannel customer care standards. Get the right channels on your platform, along with trained personnel from professional contact centre companies to provide the necessary services. It will help you to keep your customers satisfied, leveraging your brand image.

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