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How to Naturally Create SEO-Friendly Content

24th Aug 2016
Managing Director EZ Rankings
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SEO-friendly content is a term that refers to contents that can help the website owners to perform their SEO techniques in an easy manner and help in the optimization to a great extent. There was a time when the writers have clear instructions about the keywords in details that where to place them, how to place them or how many time they can use them in an article. It seems that keywords are the primary focus in content, and everything else becomes secondary.

Thanks to the latest updates of Google algorithm that writers get some freedom in creating more informative and social contents rather than creating texts full of keywords. Nowadays, they are expected to create natural SEO-friendly contents for their topics. But how to do so?

Create Something Brilliant

Irrespective of the topic, you have to create something brilliant for your readers. Remember that they are reading your blogs or articles to get some information on a certain subject. Are you giving enough information about that subject on your content? Those write-ups must be entertaining, free-flowing, informative, resourceful and comprehensive.

Follow Google Analytics

Google Analytics can help you a lot in knowing how to create contents that are SEO-friendly in nature. The Traffic Source option in Google Analytics let you know about the top referring keywords that you should use in your contents to grab the traffic. You can incorporate those search terms in your content to make people aware of your brand and get their attention towards your website. Google Analytics also allow you to get complete information about the readers who browse and read your contents. You can understand what types of audiences are showing interest in your blogs or articles and how to impress them more.

Have An Awesome Landing Page

When you incorporate some links as the form of keywords in the content of your white paper, email or blogs then ensure that you have created an awesome landing page for those links too. Your readers will click on those keywords to obtain more information. Your landing page must be prepared for SEO.

Have Social Media Connection

Connect all your vital contents with social media. Publish your contents on social media units. Let your readers share them on various social media profiles so that you can receive more visitors from those platforms. You can get huge publicity for your content through the same.

As the owner of the content, you must know how to make it a good approach for your SEO techniques. You need to make it as much useful as you can.

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By jogapcba
30th Sep 2016 11:35

After series of Google Panda updates google is very strict on content . So always try to have 100% original, unique and informative content for users.

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