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Using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy

8th Aug 2016
Managing Director EZ Rankings
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When you wish to share your business profile socially, you can do it going beyond your friend list. Pinterest is known as an ultra-social app that offers you more chance to share your business with people who have little or no social connection with you. That is the reason many business owners like to make it a part of their marketing strategy.

According to Alexa, Pinterest is the 37th most visited website all over the world, and it has obtained this rank within the last 6 years; after it was launched in 2010. Gradually Pinterest is adding new strategies for the marketers so that they can meet their potential clients and the buyers can meet their favorite sellers.

Users With Knowledge

The average users of this website have knowledge and education. More than 80% of Pinterest users are women who come from the upper class of the society in terms of income and education. If you wish to target women clients, then you cannot ignore the importance of this website. It is perfect to grab the attention of the high class, educated women buyers who look for classy and outstanding products.

Engage The Audiences Deeply

Pinterest has the ability to engage the audiences deeply. The users love to get involved with the contents that they create or love to consume. As a marketer, you can guess the preferences of your target clients by seeing their pin boards. Marketers can take it more than a standalone app. You can get more benefits out of the same because you can now add it as a channel within your certain marketing cloud. You can get the right messages from your target buyers automatically with the help of this strategy.

Platform For Social Shares

With the passing course of time, Pinterest is coming forward as a platform for social sharing as well as search engine sharing. It is considered by the users as a community of content to discover, explore or got engaged with. There are excellent scopes of sharing contents so that your brands can get the right promotion here.

Perfect For Mobile Devices

The format of Pinterest makes it perfectly presentable for mobile devices. That means your target buyers can browse the website anywhere anytime from their mobile devices. You can take the opportunity of this practice and make them aware of your offerings through this stunning website.

The main motto of any marketer is to engage the clients or the potential buyers to their products, and Pinterest can help you to do so perfectly.

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Manmeet Singh
By yoginetindia
30th Sep 2016 10:23

Nice information regarding Pinterest. Its very famous Social media connect after facebook and twitter . Also It helps in direct SEO as it allows dofollow back links. Really a great content sharing service that allows members to "pin" images, videos and other objects to their pinboard

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